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  1. screams in silent anguish at the lack of a headphone jack

  2. I fucking hate those usb to audio jack dongles, they keep fucking breaking they're so fragile. And getting bluetooth audio at anywhere near the same quality is several times more expensive.

  3. Either this is some racist bullshit or I don’t understand the point at all

  4. Good. Reboot the entire fuckin justice system. Get rid of all them fascist police first

  5. Quote: Russell has what it takes, but MAYBE there's another Lewis title before that

  6. It pretty much proves to me they think abortion itself is no big deal, but women being able to do what they want is. That abortion was okay because he wanted it and paid for it.

  7. Adblockers are practically mandatory on the internet nowadays (Google going to lose a lot of users come January when people flee to Firefox)

  8. Sadly the reality is the majority of users simply don't know better and will just stay on chrome and suffer the ads

  9. While being in a 5 race winning streak

  10. As if the 8-ad sequences they're sneaking into longer videos now wasn't enough.

  11. The ads are total bullshit but I find requiring subscription for high definition content is fair, given the drastically increased bandwidth requirements

  12. it's hilarious to me how middle management has realized how fucking useless they are without being able to lord over everyone in their cubicles so they're now pushing for a return to the office and workers are having none of it

  13. So red that it's the same shade as Alex Jones' face when he screeches about frogs turning gay.

  14. Ironically that was actually one of the very few instances he was right in. Just failed to communicate it properly so he got turned into a meme

  15. I'm not. We needed Bernier to split the Con vote. If PP brings them back into the fold that is a very bad thing for Canada as a whole.

  16. Yeah. This is standard for almost every generation. But then maybe it is not normal that generation after generation of children feel that way and we have been doing something wrong

  17. There's shitloads of research that shows learning and school environments could be far better accomplished different than what the current standards are but educators rigidly adhere to the style of education that they grew up with and refuse to change for the better

  18. Even if they weren't winning, russia can't be trusted to negotiate in good faith. You can't make a deal with russia. putin doesn't adhere to the things he says or agrees to. You have to be a special kind of stupid to propose what Musk did.

  19. Member when Russia made a deal with Ukraine it wouldn't invade if they stay out of NATO or something like that?

  20. It was a nuclear deal. Your proposed deal is funny though cause it implies Russia would invade nato nation.

  21. Yea that part last part was making me think that can't possibly be right, thanks for the correction

  22. When Martin mentioned his son I thought of a young child... but then remembered his son Alex is 32yr old and does the F2 and F3 commentary.

  23. True. But there is no mirror and most peoples facial hair has a max length. After a few weeks you'd start slipping into a very strange place of no longer being able to perceive time.

  24. 100%. If publishers keep giving me reasons to never spend money on games then I won't spend money on games, and I know I'm not alone. This is a race to the bottom.

  25. Most of my favorite games of the past few years have fallen into the AA category. Small teams afforded larger budgets and enough dev time to add polish. I can't tell you how many hours I spent on Darkest Dungeon.

  26. You just described pretty much anything that is famous as far as sports or celebrities. Does not mean it doesn't have value.

  27. Why wouldn't they? What were they just gonna leave it open during a hurricane so they risk killing employees?

  28. Funnily enough, most of the rest of the season they’ve been in the same spec McLaren and Lando has managed to drop him by +20 seconds consistently /s

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