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  1. All I know is Robbinghood is restricting options and Robbinghood isn't on our side whatsoever. Like Cramer and MSM, doing the inverse is usually the right decision.

  2. Thats because Citadel and co were net long on BBBY until Cohen sold. They switch to short and are getting rocked

  3. Adrian Brody will then bang this alien which will turn into a dude later in the film...

  4. I related with that guy from NOPE because I usually look down when talking with people, but when I finally start to share I overshare to compensate. I feel like if I say the wrong thing I will get ghosted by someone

  5. Madden 12 was my favourite. Other then the SUPER REPETITIVE commentators the game is very good.

  6. I still play this madden on my ps3 to this day. Franchise mode and gameplay are fun just look for sliders via operationsports.com. Fun game I usually trade for Hester and Lynch, sign Houshmanzedah and that 87 ovrl DT in free agency. Lastly sign jamal brown RT in free agency and hopefully have picks left to trade for Cam Newton. Cam Newton is a beast in this game. Like a 77 overall but plays like a 90.

  7. I quit my job two years ago and now I'm being pressured to look for work again. My view of the world has changed since then and honestly I don't want to work anymore. My prior work experience sent me deep into a long depression and I relate to your post. Feels good knowing I'm not the only one.

  8. Can you not find something easy to do? Barista at a low volume store or something that’s very low maintenance?

  9. I've been a stay at home husband so I'm thinking maybe a remote job part time. I was mistreated at work 2 years ago and tried to get help legally but the EEOC didn't care. Made me feel like big business runs this country and made me not want to work anymore. I feel like it's all a scam to collect income tax. I know my thinking could be wrong but that just how what happened has affected me.

  10. Maybe because 2k actually sized things up proportionally it's just in rec the player are colossal and quick so the court seems small. No NBA team has 5 95 overall demigods yes the floor will feel small as he'll. Everyone is 66 to 68

  11. Yeah I can tell you don’t watch real basketball. The cavs literally just had used a lineup all last year that had 3 seven footers

  12. But do they have 90 speed like 2k. That's what I'm referring to, they are demigods.

  13. I like it because the bigs are used to ending their play if they see a jumpshot green. Real life basketball there's still work to do when the ball is in the air. Not only are guards being exposed that left right cheese bigs are getting exposed by not knowing how to box out or fight for positioning.

  14. Real ones know uf they eat punches, you better run. Kimbo did that to a guy in a streetfight. Their brain is on to the next phase

  15. That village raid scene where Alexander Skarsgard just goes absolutely feral.

  16. I look forward to this directors' future films because he is bringing this realism that makes you feel like your living with the characters. Good good film, nobody talks much about it.

  17. It's legit. Youtube former Air Force guy did the math of distance to the moon and curvature of the Earth. Real

  18. You can see a bit of neon in the beginning of the video. To the left. Ceiling fan.

  19. I mean congress makes moves in the stock market beforehand why not in real estate.

  20. It would be so fun to be rich and just buy major parts of companies and tell them what to do

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