Fuck Doug Ford and all his scumbags peers, all rich assholes who live in mansions and made the lives of renters in Ontario so miserable

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  1. Berlin too, was known to be affordable but its getting less and less so now.

  2. And that's based on?.. So far theatres in the densest parts of Ontario alone have been booming and Q4 ER is gonna show that. They've already been extremely careful with capital management the last thing they wanna do is issue more shares. And even if they do I'm fucking buying more. Because I know CGX is gonna rebound. But hey that's just my (non-professional and personal) opinion.

  3. Do you realize how catastrophic it would be to our economy if everyone had their basic needs guaranteed? That would basically be socialism.

  4. “Less competitive businesses suffer in more competitive economic environment”

  5. the real question is where is OB obrien and ryan whatever his last name is now??????

  6. "Apple's ideal car would have no steering wheel and pedals, with interiors designed around hands-off driving, the report said."

  7. oh god it's a dream. if i could spend any time i had to spend in the car reading or staring at the ceiling or doing literally anything that wasn't physically driving i'd be so much happier

  8. That’s easy to say when you don’t have the ability to make that kind of money, no disrespect. The cruel reality of capitalism is morals don’t really matter. Is what it is

  9. Well, it is what it is because people like you keep saying it is what it is. If everyone stopped buying merch and gear and going to see these people play until they stand for something more than money we could probably accomplish a lot.

  10. Another crooked cop? Here are some reported stories since Aug 2021 just from the cops in the GTA ALONE. Makes you wonder what isn't reported.

  11. There is a code of ethics that realtors are supposed to follow. This isn’t in his clients best interest. This realtor is scum and should be penalized accordingly.

  12. whatever happens is probably better than millions more latex gloves going into the garbage so yes and keep in mind i am a food scientist

  13. I drove by just before this happened and just after it happened. Was driving south first and then north.

  14. yo me too, it was actually comical how poorly this situation was being handled, cars everywhere none of them with any idea what to do and like 8 cop cars and cops just standing around lol

  15. Fun fact, all ontario police have to be suspended with pay.

  16. I do but I also blame the police for being incompetent and grossly corrupt no matter how badly you want to “there are fine people on both sides” this

  17. "As of 12:01 a.m. on April 17, police officers and those designated as provincial offences officers will be able to stop vehicles to ask those inside why they left their homes. People will also be required, if asked by officers, to show proof of their home address and the reason why they aren’t there."

  18. Misuse of handicap permits is a bigger issue. Amazing how the number increases whenever there is nearby construction. Didn’t realize developers hired so many physically disabled workers.

  19. Amazing how many Lamborghini and g wagon drivers are also handicapped, truly a surprising correlation. I didn’t know handicap permits covered handicaps of the brain but you learn something new every day

  20. Trump made W. look like Winston Churchill.

  21. trump is an incredible orator, he's just also a moron - not mutually exclusive

  22. Yes, i know all about Woodstock 99 I still have the CD album and the video disc of the concert it came with it at the time. I've seen guitarists at metal core shows try to smash people rushing the stage, to stage dive, over the head with their guitar; I've seen fat mike from NOFX kick someone in the head. I could go on and on. All sorts of abhorrent shit. You wanna start a tit for tat by bringing up Woodstock lmao.

  23. lol no but we pushed limp bizkit to the top of it and you have the cd and dvd to prove it lmfao

  24. lol if whoever is recording and reporting this info had visited any of the eastern euro businesses or restaurants in etobicoke over the entire course of covid this should not be a surprise, you could eat inside tons of places the whole time and i saw like 2 people wearing a mask ever. whatever the reason lots of people never gave a shit

  25. Honestly probably because it’s an insanely bad movie. There’s nothing memorable about it once you move beyond the fact that it was kind of technologically advanced for like 2008 or whenever it came out but really the emperor had no clothes with that shit

  26. i read somewhere that people who spread bs rumours have a 100% chance of being pricks and i'm actually positive of the validity of it

  27. They did but I guess I'm wrong despite being a loyal and regular customer.

  28. lol bro you're just dead wrong they have never, not once, ever, been anything but cash only

  29. Well, see yall in lockdown in January. Yeeeeeey.

  30. One can only hope that they'll be posting a frontline Senior Spike Cleaner position soon!

  31. 14.10 an hour and you have to supply your own blood mop and gore bucket

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