Farm herd Casper, who faced off 11 coyotes and killed 8 of them. He was missing for two days right after which they believed he was tracking the remaining coyotes and finishing the job. His vet sad was lucky to be alive and his owner said he will have him retire from herding.

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  1. I think Steven Seagal would fight you on that. In Above the Law he always looked Italian to me. I think he actually claims that nationality in the movie. Him acting as a Chinese person in Hard to Kill was probably his biggest stretch.

  2. Wine + xan is the Karen classic combo

  3. I don’t fw Karens but I’ll never wish death upon someone. Their loved ones/friends don’t deserve that

  4. You have nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about, but he sure as hell should. You have obviously set boundaries that he has convinced you to push and break and he gets mad when there's a finally a limit. This isn't the first time he's asked for that thing and you've said no, is it? He'll keep trying. Your boundaries are yours and should be respected, you should be respected, you deserve better.

  5. Idk if this will help in your situation but I'll share anyway. Years ago I had a boss that hired me for a security gig(scan badges tell truck drivers which lot) that said if you're caught sleeping you'll be fired immediately, but you raise your head and say amen, let em try to fire you for praying. It has worked a time or two. Maybe it's unethical, idc so are most companies.

  6. lmao I will if I need to. Im looking down to read. Idk how I’m supposed to read without looking at the words. Apparently reading while looking down at papers is wrong

  7. I'm not recommending it but if it were me I'd start reading out loud like a middleschooler.

  8. Former trucker here, it wasn't the responsibility of that rig driver but being in the situation more times than I could ever remember, he should have eased up off the hammer a hair to let that truck get by so that car driver could continue his fuckery farther away. You see a 4 wheeler driving like that they are going to fuck up at some point guaranteed, might as well keep your distance.

  9. Do you actually enjoy spending time with your son? Or are you more concerned about being a good employee and being a "responsible man" and providing for the financial needs for someone to raise and educate him?

  10. If he buys it he might put it on crime scenes. Then how will you explain to the cops how your juices ended up on a crime scene? “Officer, you see i sold a quart of my juices to stranger in black car for few bucks and didnt know they were gonna sprinkle it all over that dead body over there”

  11. Show them the receipt. Why on earth in this day in age would you sell your seed and not get a receipt? The tax man is going to want to know where that 35k a day income came from.

  12. Is it in cash in a pile in front of me? What denominations of bills? In an account ready for electronic transfer? What is my location? Date? Time of day? Without any specifications of the scenario my first thought is....cocaine and hookers.

  13. Ok. Some good old fashion reddit armchair speculation. The power dynamic shifted to a softer tone but it was still there. You were injured and more vulnerable than usual so he could lean more to the softer caretaker role, less stoicism more compassion. An unspoken dependency for him to nurse you back to health. If you're developing feelings and curious to see where it goes I think you should have that exact unfiltered conversation with him. My guess is the visions of your intertwined futures will probably not align. I think he cares for you, just not in the way you're hoping for.

  14. There's this thing called "aphantasia." These people can see nothing but black when they close their eyes and try to imagine something.

  15. I don't know how to ask without sounding sarcastic I assure you I mean this sincerely, what else would you see when you close your eyes? Like it's not just darkness for everyone?

  16. Jebus, it went from "ok dude really need to learn some manners" to "oh, he just need to be whole ass throwed out" real fuckin quick.

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