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Kiley has a rare genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome, resulting in development delays. Her sister said it’s hard for Kiley to make friends - which is why it was all the more special that 2 friends she met at camp last year drove 3 hours to surprise her on her 15th birthday.

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  1. Ссылку на чертёж пожалуйста

  2. I took that part from a comment on here, thank you for the catch. A lot of this post is pieced together from this subreddit actually. I appreciate you reading!

  3. Singular is кресло, it's a regular neuter 2nd declension noun. It's Accusative, because it's a target of motion.

  4. I missed your comment earlier. Could you explain what you mean by 2nd declension? Is that the same thing as illative case?

  5. Я не знаю преимущество ли это на юге, но есть квартиры, чьи окна находятся прямо под нависающим зданием сверху, да еще выходят на север. Света солнца там не будет вообще.

  6. У них также есть проблемы с наводнениями.

  7. Re: your edit- детская as an adjectival noun means “nursery” (as in, the room of the house where the baby sleeps).

  8. I'd add: the 'животных' here is not prepositional even though it's a noun with what looks to be the plural -x ending), but accusative animate plural.

  9. Well the nominative form is счастье, so if it were accusative, it'd stay the same. Like the other person said it's genitive. Why? No idea, I'm not native. But, and I may be wrong, but I feel like maybe the meaning is more like "I wish you some or a bit of happiness", in which case it would make more sense.

  10. That is a great "mnemonic" to remember that it's genitive. Thank you.

  11. It’s a use of the genitive case sometimes called the partitive genitive, used to talk about a limited or vaguely defined quantity of something, as opposed to a whole or specific thing. It’s often used with foods and drinks: выпить молока “drink some milk” (cf. выпить молоко “drink [all of] the milk”).

  12. Yes, it's what's called a "third" inflection type. All of these words are feminine and end with a "ь".

  13. Instrumental case, feminine. If word ends with ь then ю is being added. Except for дочь and мать, they form into дочерью and матерью.

  14. А приземляться как? А если над машиной есть потолок (например тоннеля)? А если над машиной троллейбусные провода или ЛЭП?

  15. Ультразвуковой радар + алгоритм искусственного интеллекта будут обнаруживать мешающие объекты. При приземлении будет раскрываться парашют. Очевидно, что его нужно будет протестировать или отключить в густонаселенных городских или лесных районах.

  16. We've done all we are willing to do by this point.

  17. This is practice for global warming and world water shortages.

  18. WHO is worldwide, CDC is the American organization that just rolled back guidelines.

  19. Ha! Very interesting, thank you. So it's not that it knocks loose dust and stuff like that in the ducts?

  20. Just to follow up -- did your air quality ever return to normal? You may have blown out your system by reducing the static pressure too much.

  21. They destroy your pipes and can cause leaks inside the guts of the plumbing that are hard to get to without going through walls.

  22. Yes, exactly. I said "had to wait" as in, they should have acted sooner.

  23. This is very sweet but to correct one thing -- children with Williams syndrome often have what is known as "cocktail party personalities". They tend to be affable, hypersocial and usually make friends easily. Patients living with the disorder are known for their social openness and can fearlessly strike up a conversation with a total stranger. Some have described it as an inversion of autism.

  24. Your eyes look like maybe you should get your thyroid checked. And also chromosomes.

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