1. chris has actually gotten laid before. don't ask by whom, just take that at face value.

  2. whats the tcap ep called? and where can i find it?

  3. Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it

  4. you have an eagle eye 🤣 that's such an odd tribute to a former contestant 😭

  5. i wish the second he typed that someone took a sneaker cue to his balls or that his Mr Penis found its way in a bear trap...

  6. you ever just wish you had a mr armstrong body pillow? lol...

  7. Stanley. I love the decoy saying "how ya doing Stanley? Doing good? Tough drive?" With enthusiasm and gusto and Stanley's reply is a low energy "little bit"

  8. Sometimes late at night, I'll be in the mood for story time. Usually JPW or Rauch.

  9. I usually need some booze to go with JPW, his cover story is a bit too much to comprehend 😂

  10. John Dupee was wearing a cross during the sting and in one of the photos he sent the decoy - might just be intended as jewellery?

  11. Thanks for the prayer. My name is Roman.

  12. big banks don't want you to know this get rich quick tip

  13. Thanks but I meant for linking bank accounts not just the original sign up…or did you mean £5 for linking accounts?

  14. There isn't a huge diurnal range where I live, winter temps are couple degrees negative. But it does rain heavy. These beams were erected around 5 years ago. Could a specific treatment of sealant have worked early on to have prevented this cracking? Or would this degree of cracking be inevitable.

  15. I've forgotten the Priest's name, he only knew Greek, and the woman confessing to him only knew German, when the woman was asked what language the Priest spoke she replied German. The priest was asked what language the Woman spoke, he said Greek. I heard about this in articles and videos addressing the Gift of speaking in Tongues

  16. When someone salutes a country's flag, folds it a particular way, maybe even bow before it. We don't load that flag with divine status nor intend it to be the recipient of worship.

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