1. Dude! That’s where your gas monitor goes. Don’t forget to bump test it first!

  2. On shaving It might just be me and my dad but I've used Irish spring soap bars as shaving cream my whole life. Works great and a smooth shave for real cheap.

  3. Match with a quality badger hair brush and a safety razor (blades are literally 1¢) and your shaving costs will be next to none

  4. UPDATE: Successful, no questions asked.. also, didn’t see them check anyone else’s bag either. Memphis to Denver

  5. I run Muck Boots Arctic Sport good for -50F or something, it also gets to -65 frankenstein here a few times during winter. I also run thick and I mean thick wool socks, your feet can and do sweat a little extra so I will wear like a cotton sock to soak that sweat up, then have a just in case backup pair of cotton socks. I would get cleats for your boots too, ice is a brutal beast to deal with and often I shuffle my feet (kind of skating on the ice). I also got an insulated (200g) logger boot, but for me usually it's the muck boots as I have had my feet very cold after 7 hrs.

  6. Read your books, understand your job, don't take shortcuts, and.. as before keep a copy of everything you do and how long it takes. If you get a civilian job.. you have to have records. Use Excel to record everything, future employers will love it!

  7. If i keep an excel will future employers care to see if it was endorsed or how do you prove the hours are honorable?

  8. Keep your records, print them out as a hard copy and have them endorsed by your engineer, Lt.. whoever the head Ndi governing office is..

  9. I definitely respect your posts around these parts, but that's a bet I would take. Especially if by 'release' you mean available.

  10. If you enjoy getting eaten alive by mosquitoes i recommend going early season. If you like freezing your ass off in a damp Wadder i recommend you go later in the season.

  11. That's the thing about UK and Ireland, no mosquitos so I'll be freezing my ass off year round lol

  12. related question: say I design my own card from scratch, what companies are good for actually printing them?

  13. I've used Vistaprint several times one time the color was off and they reprinted them. I am 100% satisfied.

  14. How does your climbing partner like that? Don't belay loops absorb tons of energy?

  15. I’m more concerned about the morakniv with blade guard. I don’t trust men who carry those.

  16. Looks like a baofeng with a foldable tape measure antenna.

  17. My commute varies from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on traffic. I feel your pain. I regret buying my 2016 Toyota Tacoma more every day.

  18. I just bought a motorcycle. I decided to buy used because I could pay cash for it and decided insurance was going to be significantly less than buying new. Not even 1000 miles of driving and the charging system shit itself

  19. Yes, imagine what would happen if he got full control of the tazer and used it against the cop.

  20. I think that's what the officer was thinking when he decided the right thing was to use deadly force. It seems like people expect officers to wait until they are harmed to use deadly force.

  21. Give it a week or a month and chances are your hyper fixation on it will change to something else. I've found the small purchases are the dangerous ones they add up. I also have a policy i won't pay full price for things and so i am always on the lookout to find it cheaper

  22. The version of this that I have noticed is huge quantities of the same product filling up shelving in multiple places in a store. There’s no reason for 5 feet of the exact same cream cheese in the fridge section unless you don’t have anything else to fill the space.

  23. My grocery store literally puts empty packages in the refrigerator with branded tape/labels

  24. Honestly pure luck, I googled a lot of key words in English and German like "platz, place, flag, fahne, n*zi" and found the image of München on getty. The bricks in the corner of the building immediately made me think of the building we were looking for, and the more I looked at it, the more I could see similarity.

  25. I've ridden my bike there so many times and it took me a moment to recognize that after you said that. Good job

  26. They do. Scarpa has much better aesthetics than La Sportiva IMO

  27. Seriously - how is the Olympus Mons Cube the best 8000m boot on the market and the ugliest at the same time? I feel like La Sportiva trolls us with their hideous design because they know we need them

  28. I mean the Olympus isn't half as bad at the Nepal series shoes. But there is something going on behind the scenes

  29. I was told by Conrad that they used an A5 portaledge on Meru.

  30. Dope! After some google searching it looks like it's more than likely that it was custom made for them.

  31. Probably right. I didn’t ask further, but I got the impression Conrad had that ledge for a long time. I think he sold his A5 designs back in the day to BD or TNF. I specifically asked him because that looked like a huge ledge and I couldn’t figure the brand. He told me this in the Emerson Ballroom in Bozeman in 2015. He also told me during that conversation that he only put in three bolts on the whole route.

  32. This is so fascinating to me! I would love to even just shake his hand. I haven't looked into meru any more than the movie but that's unbelievable they only placed 3 bolts haha

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