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  1. And the same with Forsen on his alt dota stream "gorgc." It's insane. And chat never believes him.

  2. Interesting how Xibbe is doing so well in Dota 2. Back in HoN he was great too, but not the greatest.

  3. only takes to be good as lycan in lycan meta in pubs

  4. They dont even look good in simulations right now, I guess its dead end for trinket investors

  5. delete techies, delete tinker, delete arc, delete meepo, delete visage, delete wraith pact, delete clinkz. nice now we can all delete dota

  6. I would say that pots willgo up. Because minmaxers will use 1 pot 1min before pull and 1 pot on the very pull. In my opinion flasks are not gonna be valuable because raids are gonna be cleared very fast.

  7. Didnt work in my case (

  8. report his Steam account (not ingame) and link the reddit post as evidence.

  9. can't do that it says "It looks like you've already filed a report against this person."

  10. Name me last game I was in game with him

  11. I am too shy, but I have a lot in common with that manager, I used to be famous for my techies

  12. arc in moscow bc putin has clone?

  13. five-stack boosting parties can now match against solo players am I right?

  14. There's an option to play strictly solo queue. Why don't you select it if you're scared

  15. I cant play role que, I am scared for others

  16. Here is another dota XQC, Russian, was at TI once, sadly disappeared from the proscene. Has quite the schnozer as well

  17. he is playing in d2cl rn with team "ФЕРЗИ"


  19. Nice I'm not included in the meme because everyone knows I'm not actually a furry, I just spam furry emotes to get reactions and trigger chat. 🤪

  20. No camo, no cover, just parked in a open field like fucking idiots. As an American vet I’m both thrilled for Ukraine and total confused by Russia’s total incompetence.

  21. someone on background says that it could be a decoy

  22. suddenly not all people know how w33 is being toxic/ruins pubs

  23. marsi has huge winrate as pos4 in 8k games

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