1. Jaime Dimon for example is no one’s figurehead. Neither is Larry fink, Elon musk etc etc

  2. You're giving the exception. A huge majority of companies are not run like that.

  3. I hate throwing things away. Any idea what might fix it?

  4. Open it up and check. Might be something simple like brushes.

  5. Actually, an exit sign that makes sense in a fire smoke rises and covers signs.

  6. Sirius XM, Move, CDE, LH, PCLN, GE, TYC, MSI, TWX, SOFI.

  7. Apart from LH and MSI everything else is in the shitter right now. Truth is that exceptions are rare, failure is the norm

  8. You mean in a bear market stuff is down? Shocking! Also I was referring to companies that thrived after a reverse split which these did, times changed and their business model either failed to adapt had nothing to do with a reverse split.

  9. Sup overlords, I hereby declare that I've had enough of this Musk guy. Can we please go back to the robot guy or that bald billionaire who likes everything dickshaped?

  10. Even the Amazon smile looks like a dick. It's actually kinda awesome. Guy just putting dicks all over cities.

  11. Haha same I giggle every time. If I was rich I would do the same thing.

  12. I mean, they should give it to her for the price listed, It's the law in most states.

  13. Could be a good thing, we are doing the same. We picked a price that we would absolutely sell, if it sells at that great if not then we stay. We are ok renting till the market calms down too, if we find something to buy all the better.

  14. Even the population has a peak. The decline will come.

  15. Go through your bank. It should already have a buy out price.

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