AITA for Deciding to Watch my Grandson over my Sons Dogs

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  1. If it is a day before your tentative start date, then that would be a no. They will give you a new start date when you complete the drug test and appointment. As far as keeping your shift days and hours will depend on what's available once you are cleared from the drug test.

  2. There are zero openings right now though. So do I lose this position is what I’m asking or do I keep it lol

  3. Good now do Facebook, twitter, Instagram, truth social, etc. Except reddit, don’t do reddit! ;-)

  4. Tbh all Spotify created playlists suck complete ass. Their early alternative playlist is all shit from the 90s, the bands that were literally inspired by the “early” alternative music.

  5. Lord kill the pain by red house painters. Just a filler track and grating on the ears

  6. People who replied YTA is a peak Reddit moment. I’m not even subbed here it just showed up in my feed lol what a trash subreddit

  7. I'll be honest, I'm seeing so many NTAs that I'm curious on how this post got labeled with TA

  8. I just seen a couple so it’s not very many but op is clearly in the right here

  9. I’d say killing babies as a past time would be a pretty huge red flag for me personally.

  10. Songs about Jane is a fantastic album. Wish they woulda stuck to a much more vulnerable style of music. Coulda been one of the greats I think

  11. Lmfao thanks y’all. I reckon just bust my ass every day and show up on time and they keep me

  12. Just apply seasonal doesn't really matter at amazon. They allow people to come and go as they please. There are also 3 of them here in Lexington so finding a non seasonal position is pretty easy.

  13. So I’d be able to stay regardless if seasonal or not? Which obviously my performance at work will also show if I wanna stay there or not but I just wanna make sure lol

  14. "Meow meow meow meow. Meow meow meow meow."

  15. Guys, velveeta is purely comfort food. Quit being a bunch of insufferable nerds about it.

  16. I said you have overblown the proportion of those who hate women, then I said fine, you are in fact correct, most men do hate women.

  17. You can help! Simply present a logical argument that says misogyny isn't widespread and shouldn't be assumed to have an impact on the general impression fans have on women in media. Thanks in advance for your thoughtful help!

  18. Has any other major artist like him done that?

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