1. As people are saying: that sounds just like a timing belt tensioner. Here’s a video of a failed one a had a few years back

  2. Last update made it harder as solo, stealth is tough, only lasts until first contact. Even with throwing knives, AI detects bodies and it’s on! How about some contraband with suppressors?

  3. The field upgrade is so annoying. I’m on ps4 and found out by messing around is if the time has passed that my munitions box should’ve recharged, I can drop it (which there’s no indication that o even have one), it will drop fine and then I can pick it back up and use it no problem.

  4. Yeah I know, but the third slot says “complete tier 3 for any faction” am I wrong ?

  5. Looking at it right now it says “complete tier five of any faction”

  6. Does the key actually turn in the door? Or does it not move at all?

  7. According to the Acura parts catalog, the automatic transmission mounts for a 2012 are only listed to work for 12-14 automatics (both awd and 2wd). The manual lower transmission mount is good for 09-14 manual only, upper is only for manual 12-14.

  8. The other person who commented who actually has a 21 RDX is probably the best person to answer this question of how a “known good” is supposed to work. I haven’t had to mess with them but reading through the system operation in the service manual it looks like it will vary the temp as it gets close to the max limit, but it will only fully turn off (indicator light turns off) when a failure is detected, switch is pressed again, or the ignition is turned off.

  9. Looking at the wiring diagram, the only area that would make sense for these symptoms is if the brake light circuit and the right turn signal circuit are shorted together between the brake switch and the brake light failure sensor. If it was shorted after the failure sensor (including the taillight assembly) you wouldn’t get the noise by the gear shift when turning on the right turn signal. This noise is most likely just the shift lock solenoid, which makes sense if the brake circuit and right turn signal are shorted together since it will activate the solenoid when pressing the brake.

  10. Yeah I think whoever organized the parts where you ordered them from messed up. You can see the first 5 digits are all the same. But obviously the rest of them are different. They just grabbed 4 from the correct bin and didn’t double check.

  11. There’s 2 clips on the side closer to the center console and then a little knob you have to turn 90 degrees counterclockwise and it should come right out.

  12. Looks like it’s part of the “interior quarter panel trim” looking at this pic

  13. You’re welcome! Good luck, let me know if you have any issues.

  14. Thank you!! Will try it this weekend, you were very descriptive and that is exactly my car from what I can tell.

  15. Glad I could help! I verified the 06 and 08 are located in the same spot.

  16. There is a service bulletin from 2009 that addresses this issue. Basically as long as the oil level is good, and the wiring is okay, it’s just a faulty oil pressure switch.

  17. Check your brake fluid level in the master cylinder under the hood. The red brake warning light will come on if the fluid level is at or lower than the minimum level. Usually an indicator that the brake pads are getting worn. Or a brake fluid leak.

  18. Sit in the drivers seat and cycle the door locks like 10 or so times and verify that all 4 doors lock and unlock properly. If one of them isn’t working or is intermittently not working it will cause the remote start not to work. Make sure the hood and trunk are fully shut.

  19. You're a genius. One of the doors wasn't locking when I pressed the button (which is terrifying because that means the car wasn't fully locked since the issue started) but I was able to manually lock the door and use the remote start.

  20. I' pretty sure it started before that and I've taken the RDX into the dealer before that and they told me they checked everything and it's all up to date (one of our previous RDXs had the airbag recall and my old CL had numerous TSB about it's transmission so I always ask now).

  21. Yep. Seems like it’s updated and should be working how it used to. Which is pretty much as far as we go on the service side of things. You might want to give acuralink’s help line a call and see if they can see what’s going on. They can be reached at 1-888-528-7876 Monday through Friday 6am-5pm pst.

  22. The driver’s side air mix motor also controls the coolant valve for the heater core. So if it’s stuck in the cold position, neither side will get hot. I actually just had a 08 in the shop for this exact concern. Replaced the driver’s air mix motor and all is well.

  23. Thank you, this is good stuff to think on, is that the thing by the gas pedal then that I’ve wondered about?

  24. Yup it’s right next to the gas pedal. Here’s a video of someone replacing it.

  25. Weird. It doesn’t look like the cover is available separately for the arm rest. That black edge piece on the cover should fit into another piece kind of like that. But since it’s all warped now I would push for them to replace the arm rest vs trying to fix the one in the car.

  26. I think I found the inner black piece that it's supposed to clip to? Tried messing around with it for a couple minutes but can't get it to stay. Going to talk to the dealer tomorrow. Thanks!

  27. I haven’t had to mess with an integra arm rest yet. But a lot of the front seats have covers that have an attachment like this and they are a pain to get to fully engage. Especially since the cover gets pulled pretty tight in order not to have wrinkles or bumps.

  28. Hey I just responded to OP’s post on the auto repair subreddit. The issue is very likely the driver’s air mix motor. This motor also controls the coolant valve for the heater core. They are becoming super common on the first gen RDXs.

  29. Hello sir, it is first time for me to use Reddit. Could I ask you a question about my RDX 2014 FWD?

  30. Yeah on these cars you have to use a scan tool to program the key fobs to the car.

  31. Thank you! Would you say if I get quoted more than an hour for the programming work, I’m being taken advantage of and I should start calling around?

  32. You’ve been tremendously helpful, I really appreciate it! I negotiated it down to one hour labor ($178). Used modules can be found around $100, give or take. I do have one last question, if you don’t mind.

  33. The suffix is what differentiates between the trim levels for the part. A32 is for base/base awd, a42 is for tech/tech awd, and a52 is for advance/advance awd.

  34. Jesus did they not watch the tech 2 tech video?! Lol I haven’t had to deal with one on the Acura side yet. But I keep hearing the stories.

  35. It’s the absolute pressure sensor. Also known as a barometric pressure sensor. On 02+ pathfinders it’s built into the ECM but before that it was a separate sensor. There’s no hose that attaches to it. Looking at the diagram it looks like it’s supposed to be bolted to the ecm bracket.

  36. The wiring harnesses are all different between the different trims. So the plug for the camera isn’t there unless it’s an advance model. The multi view camera unit that controls the front camera also doesn’t exist unless it’s an advance model. The infotainment units are also different, and have different software versions so even if you were able to somehow wire a camera up to the unit, it wouldn’t know how to display it properly.

  37. Turn the headlights on and then try messing with the dash brightness with the buttons by the gauges instead of the navigation brightness. If I remember right if the dash brightness is maxed out (or close to it) it will override switching to night mode on the navigation.

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