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  1. Please, no. Mumble rap is terrible.

  2. Nu Metal is fucking awesome though lol. Better than the polished sterile cookie cutter desktop metal of today.

  3. “Polished sterile cookie cutter desktop metal” is exactly how I would describe Nu Metal.

  4. Respect for having a copy of Transformer. Great record.

  5. Is anyone here interested in a collab to actually make some of these songs?

  6. I would absolutely be on board for this

  7. If she fell forward and hit the ground hard enough, her fun bags would have an explosive yield roughly equivalent to the Tsar Bomba.

  8. We know that recording sessions for Villains were registered on video, it's probably whole documentary. For unknown reason, it was never released, and footage was only used in trailers for album.

  9. They did the same for the Vultures album, but that also got shelved for whatever reason. I’d kill to see Josh, Dave, and JPJ working those songs out.

  10. Damn, Turnin’ On The Screw is definitely top tier for me.

  11. I actually don’t mind Revolt. It’s got loads of cheese, but in a fun way.

  12. I’m going to seek them for my first time in Philly in 9 days on dec 11. So psyched. Wish I could afford to go both nights

  13. I’ll see you there mang! My first Ween show as well. So hyped to be seeing them play, and in their hometown too!

  14. Just the 11th, couldn’t take off work on the 10th unfortunately.

  15. Yes there's a lot of interesting stuff in tbhc that I am excited to talk about!!!

  16. There’s lots of great examples of “word painting” across TBH+C. That would be a really cool thing to touch on; I don’t think many people know about it or how it works.

  17. Love this artwork for the single, done by the great Storm Thorgerson

  18. Jesus Christ, I don't know what so many leftists' hate boner for centrism is about. They always try to dismiss the position with false claims of anti-conflict agnosticism. No, sometimes you're right, sometimes they're right, and you don't have to just go with what your group decides every time simply because they're "your group".

  19. In the midst of all the downvotes, I just wanted to tell you that I agree 100%. Not sure why people get so wound up about this.

  20. That’s Where You’re Wrong is especially beautiful at 6:23 pm on the last day of summer.

  21. Yeah, but why the FUCK is your phone on?

  22. My bad, vid is fuzzy and it moves quick like a smug and arrogant bed bug

  23. That phat synth bass in the middle section of Pretty Visitors.

  24. A bit generous, no? I’d recommend dialing the chest back a little bit. This just feels gratuitous.

  25. This is exactly what TBH+C was about. Letting go of the past and looking toward the future.

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