1. Honey, bring the girls! I just dunked on some fools!

  2. how do people fall for this decoy. “k i m exsitd” “dat sounds soooo nise” like come on

  3. Thanks! I LOVE this subreddit.... so did you bring protection?

  4. I think lorne armstrong is overrated I don't know why so many people seem to like him. Am I just missing something?

  5. Because the dude fell so deeply in love with a 13 year old who didn't exist and got busted on national TV on his birthday of all days.

  6. A lot of the Lorne catfish calls either too boring or too disgusting to listen to. If you enjoy listening to a women being nice to lorne, or hearing a fake 17 year old call him "daddy" purely because he likes it, you probably have some issues too. Many of them are great but some of them where he doesn't get called out for anything and can be as abusive as possible are as uncomfortable as the chatlog. It also attracts pedo apologists and pedo sympathizers to write him and clue him in and ruin everyone's fun.

  7. I can't listen to the Winnie calls because I fucking hate her voice.

  8. Lol! Did that encounter actually happen? I ended my TruBlu subscription a few months ago because the stings were stinkers, but now I'm seeing some funny ass shit be posted from it.

  9. It’s on YouTube right now. If you want to watch Hansen say “BB cream pie” three times I’d highly recommend.

  10. BB cream pie? What does he mean by that... 🤔

  11. I use to be a big Red Sox fan growing up. I don't watch baseball anymore, though. But I do remember, this! They were down 3-1 in the series against Cleveland. They won their next 7 games to win the World Series. Good stuff.

  12. It's ya boy STONE COOOOLD PHILIPS!!! And ya girl ANNE SPPPPICY CURRY!!!....tonight at 8/7 central.

  13. You said "Can you give me a ride, baby?" .... what did you mean by that?

  14. I love all of them because they help me realize that no matter how low I feel about myself, I'm at least not any of those losers.

  15. I'm not a girl, so he won't try to have sex with me.

  16. Crazy for the Sox. Meaning the baseball team

  17. That not the kind of protection you're going to need.

  18. You would have had sex with an Anne Curry? What should happen to you? HELP ME OUT!

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