1. Its even more concerning if they did, but it shifted while they jacked the truck

  2. I was under the assumption that this it what happened when I first saw the blocks..

  3. Imagine how fast Fred's head will spin the first time he watches his wife getting plowed by his bice fitter..

  4. I wouldn't go crazy on the offset, I'm personally not a fan of much more than a zero offset on IFS. Jump on npora.com, there'll be plenty of tyre talk on R50s over there.

  5. It's pretty basic math that triangles are stronger than squares = 3 jacks are more stable than 4 axle stands. No ones working under it, it's just a tyre change. That being said, it's still a bit naff to be doing out in the yard where people who don't know what they're looking at can see and make uninformed assumptions, much like most redditors do..

  6. Nobody's safe here, Fred. My peen gets number each day..

  7. It doesn't look thaaat much wider. But as mentioned before it technically changes the structure of the sidewall a little. Plus at higher inflation it will try and push the middle of the tread up, promoting centre wear.

  8. Kiwi ingenuity at its finest..

  9. https://www.offroadexpress.kiwi/Forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=12102

  10. Thanks for the downvote whoever that was.. anything constructive to add instead?

  11. Could you attach a photo of your winch mount please, I would be very keen to see what it looks like especially as it is not a mass produced product.

  12. I'll try get some through tomorrow. It's a really basic mount, no bullbar, I just cut out the factory bumper and bolted it back on after.

  13. No more numb peen, you'd be happy too if you could get a hard on while listening to your wife and her bf from the closet Fred

  14. Yes, too close. No, not intentional.

  15. Look at it this way, your nose is the most efficient filter in the world. An optimistic view is to be glad that your nose is stopping all of that from entering your lungs.

  16. What car? Your biggest limitation is the brakes, and whether a smaller wheel will fit over them. Any decent tyre shop should be able to do a test fit to make sure.

  17. I saw that one today! Wife said it looked like a dildo.

  18. Must have had something on her mind there Trag1c_Pants..

  19. You should see my other reddit profile Fred..

  20. So by going a little faster over washboard (high frequency washboard like you'd find on a grated road) you aren't just "skipping" over the top of the bumps? Or do you have to be going much faster for that to happen?

  21. Your shocks are still absorbing alot of impact, and at a much faster rate. This creates alot of heat and premature wear. A performance shock will handle this better, providing you service them accordingly as said by the commenter above. Standard/off the shelf replacement shocks will have a shorter lifespan.

  22. You don't loosen it, the whole chuck body turns. It'll make sense as soon as you do it the first time.

  23. Def a feature by whoever makes the chucks for power tool companies, they probably all come from one or two factories. My basic AEG even has an imprint of a locked and unlocked padlock, was pointed out to me by a workmate who saw it on tik tok recently. Nobody in our shop had ever heard of it til then, even our tech with 40+yrs in trades.

  24. It's always amusing when a circlejerk sub becomes an actual circle jerk..

  25. Schizophrenia. It’s not mushrooms. I’m constantly eating mushrooms and can still articulate a thought. Schizophrenia, or baller cocaine.

  26. 1KZ is a much better engine than the 3L. Both are prone to cracking heads, but more common for the 3L, particularly after fitting a turbo.

  27. Stiffer valve springs are to stop valve bounce at high rpm, compression won't change this.

  28. First I'd double check the bearing adjustment, then I'd try and borrow a set of smaller/newer tires to test drive and maybe rule that out. Big tires with lots of sidewall have always wandered a bit in my experience.

  29. By my knowledge it’s a brand new coil boot looks great and connections look fine besides the splice which could be better

  30. Tbh I hate those splice connectors with a passion, I'd get rid of it in favour of a crimp connector or solder before doing anything else

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