1. It's the internet dude everyone's an expert.

  2. I usually just ship my car to the Hankook factory so they can fit them to my car as soon as they're released from the mould..

  3. Only two..? You must be more of a Fred than he is if you can't immediately spot the hundreds of reasons this piece of garbage belongs in the dumpster next to your Tr*k.

  4. I challenge OP to not delete this post, and take the downvotes like a man..

  5. Def a gate, and also it's a video game..

  6. /uj I just can't bear reading one more comment from some kid basing their opinion on a car from playing A. FUCKING. VIDEO. GAME..

  7. As a driver of an IFS 4x4, I like this 👍

  8. Tr*k, rim brakes, brootal gravel. A true Fred, one of us..

  9. They make really tight things not night, and vice versa

  10. Nice try OP, you can't fool us by flipping the pic like this. It's clearly a KERT, my hygienist has like 3 of these..

  11. No electronic nannies, no abs, no poower windows, ultimate connection to the farm. A true driver's machine, basically.

  12. 4Lo 1st gear for that kind of recovery every time for me, slow and controlled. If that wasn't enough then 4Lo 2nd gear, as 2Lo is still lower than 4Hi 1st gear in my 5sp manual.

  13. You forgot to upload the pic with the mud..

  14. Its even more concerning if they did, but it shifted while they jacked the truck

  15. I was under the assumption that this it what happened when I first saw the blocks..

  16. Imagine how fast Fred's head will spin the first time he watches his wife getting plowed by his bice fitter..

  17. I wouldn't go crazy on the offset, I'm personally not a fan of much more than a zero offset on IFS. Jump on npora.com, there'll be plenty of tyre talk on R50s over there.

  18. It's pretty basic math that triangles are stronger than squares = 3 jacks are more stable than 4 axle stands. No ones working under it, it's just a tyre change. That being said, it's still a bit naff to be doing out in the yard where people who don't know what they're looking at can see and make uninformed assumptions, much like most redditors do..

  19. Nobody's safe here, Fred. My peen gets number each day..

  20. It doesn't look thaaat much wider. But as mentioned before it technically changes the structure of the sidewall a little. Plus at higher inflation it will try and push the middle of the tread up, promoting centre wear.

  21. Kiwi ingenuity at its finest..

  22. https://www.offroadexpress.kiwi/Forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=12102

  23. Thanks for the downvote whoever that was.. anything constructive to add instead?

  24. Could you attach a photo of your winch mount please, I would be very keen to see what it looks like especially as it is not a mass produced product.

  25. I'll try get some through tomorrow. It's a really basic mount, no bullbar, I just cut out the factory bumper and bolted it back on after.

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