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  1. So if I build longboards by hand and put my own artwork on them, I could turn these into NFTs?

  2. Oh man! Tried it, but didn’t work. Would have loved to finally get my GameStop sweats!

  3. 115 in az past couple of days. I’ve been melting out there.

  4. This is amazing! Do you do the outline or color first?

  5. I have this list on Amazon that I made for some friends who were traveling for the first time. It's not complete and you don't need all of it, but I think it has some good ideas.

  6. I called to make sure I received the dividend as shares rather than a cash payout. The guy walked me through the process. Very simple, but I wouldn’t be able to walk you through by memory. It’s worth calling them to get that taken care of though.

  7. What’s your average distance per order, or what’s the farthest you’ll go to deliver?

  8. This is beautiful! What kind of wood burner do you use, and are those acrylics as well?

  9. I need this explained. I’m learning so much as we go, but what exactly affects the cost to borrow or how does it affect us?

  10. I find the caged stuffed animal more interesting

  11. It was a dude ?!! Not a girl . It honestly had me shaking when I got to the house they were standing in the back by the garage ALL COVERD all I could see was their eyes I didn’t walk up the driveway I made him walk to me and he didn’t at first so we were just standing and staring at each other then when he came to me he wouldn’t stop talking to me ABOUT the sun and I was thinking I need to get out of here bc maybe he’s stallling me and someone is going to grab me from behind 😭so I was just like sorry o have another order and booked it and Hess still sending me messages !!!!!

  12. Oh snap! That’s insane and so scary! Be safe out there!

  13. Can’t wait for the “What is a MOASS?” post

  14. eh, never had any issues letting them know those are options. i always try to word it in a way that emphasizes i’m not 100% sure they can, but these are options i’ve had as a customer

  15. I like your style. Kindness matters ever in the crappiest situations.

  16. How are they able to make this move if moass?

  17. Didn’t we hit nearly a 22% borrow rate a month or two ago?

  18. First attempt at punch needle and making a patch. I really wanted an embroidered outline look, but it didn’t come out as clear as I wanted. Any tips or advice?

  19. I ordered food once and my dd driver was clearly also delivering for another app. The tracker showed they were on their way to my house, then they drove in the opposite direction, went to some random neighborhood about 10mins away, stopped at a house, and then headed my way. I was able to track the whole thing, so they were clearly supposed to be delivering to me. Order ended up being over 20 mins late. It was pretty frustrating.

  20. Yea, that’s different. It shouldn’t show the customer where you are if you’re on another DD delivery.

  21. Do you know anyone who has a cricut? You can cut a design out in permanent vinyl or do a print/cut to make a custom sticker. Might be worth trying.

  22. I dash with my daughter (7). I’m a teacher, so after school we will do an hour or less of deliveries. I wouldn’t take her out for more than that unless we absolutely had to. But I’m a single mom trying to get the bills paid, so we do what we have to do, and we do it together. One thing she will grow up learning is that we work hard for the things we want, and one day we will have all that we need.

  23. Happy Mother’s Day.. from one mom to another, I definitely agree with you, I would want my son to have the same train of thought.

  24. Thank you! Happy Mother’s Day to you as well 😊

  25. It's really an either/or question. RC might be waiting until after the vote to announce any dividend. He has only been using 1/3 of available shares. Even though he could do a 3:1 right now with increasing available shares, it would only leave him about 80 million shares as a buffer. Depending on the date of the final vote count (I don't when all the votes will be in and tallied), it could be he announces the split, then the ex dividend date at the same time. I would say hording shares all May would be safe.

  26. Does RC get a live update of voting results? Or does he receive them after the deadline?

  27. Does anyone have the joggers showing up as $12.48 once in your cart?

  28. No, but if you try to use your $5 pro reward the price increases because you can’t have the discount and that I guess so maybe that’s what’s happening to your cart?

  29. Hmm. I don’t think I have the pro reward. I also was having trouble with shipping. Had merch over $35 and still charging me shipping. I’ve been trying for the past week and it’s still being weird.

  30. „◖x ǝoʇ lǝǝɥ ǝoʇ lǝǝɥ ǝɥʇ ɥʇıʍ ʇǝƃ puɐ dn sdɐɹʇs ǝpoɯ ʇɹods ɯǝɥʇ dılɟ ɹǝʇʇǝ𐐒„

  31. I’m trying to get some apparel, but the prices end up different in my cart. For example, the joggers show for 13.98, but when I add them to my cart they are 17.48. Also says free shipping over $35, but with a sweatshirt and joggers, free shipping isn’t working. Anyone else with this issue?

  32. I put modpodge fabric glue on the back. Now I’m stitching around the border which is taking a while. Then I will do an iron-on adhesive backing (or a sticker adhesive) to make it into a patch. I will post another pic once I’ve finished.

  33. So this was my first attempt at punch needle. I’m really interested in turning this into a patch of some sort, maybe a sticker. I love the texture and have been motivated by the idea of making it patch-worthy.

  34. I honestly feel like people would tip more if DD lowered the fees they charge when you place an order. Something near $6.00 in fees without tip included makes it less likely for them to add a decent tip.

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