1. I did not get it restored. Even with my VIP support, they can’t do anything. VIP support agrees that I did not do anything wrong, but the appeal bot doesn’t agree lol.

  2. That sucks to hear. They disabled the account for sure now on my end. I called my credit card to dispute the charges. They did that no problem. They said they were going to block the charges from happening again. Unfortunately I logged into my credit account today and saw new charges. Apparently even after canceling the card they still can keep billing me. According the rep I spoke to just now even canceling the card doesn't matter because facebooks merchant gets notified and the new card details are sent to them. Meaning they can keep charging me indefinitely. I'm at a loss as to what to do now.

  3. I’m not entirely sure that is correct. When we get chargebacks we have the ability to submit evidence to the cardholders bank to have the chargeback reversed. We can re-bill the cardholder only if they have not blocked us / cancelled the card. If they have cancelled the card, we can only put them in collections. This is how it works with every payment processor that I’ve ever used at least :)

  4. Well I managed to finally get on a call with Facebook. They told me to dispute the charges. They said that apparently the person reviewing the disable did not take the proper steps to close the ad account, basically I got it all on recording so when and if Facebook tries to say they are valid charges I have proof of it not being so.. I was told by my credit card company the reason the charges were going though was because Facebook was adjusting the fees not doing new ones. I've blocked them 2x and they still keep coming.

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