I am Jon Stewart, host of The Problem with Jon Stewart on Apple TV+, and I’m here to talk with you about the stock market. AMA!

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  1. Jesus bro you need some psychiatric help for real - there are some signs of mental illness with you that need to be addressed - seriously get some help

  2. I am stupid as fuck and accidentally reposted this post instead of

  3. He was either that stupid or willingly misunderstanding the argument to not piss off his base the ladder is more likely

  4. he said he is in a relationship, and has a child, so it is probably likely that he will forcibly raise his child to skillfully learn how to lie and pretend to be stupider, more incompetent, complacent than he/she really is, and basically how to lie/cheat/steal to build on top of existing corruption fraud blackmail bribery extortion infrastructures

  5. https://youtu.be/osqeP0V94Fo?t=19m20s

  6. Tim Pool explained a few more deets in

  7. maybe Elon Musk has a daily ritual of more than zero quantity of duration of time for which silence is verbally communicated by more than zero quantity of workers so as to satisfy the narrative

  8. A while back I heard there were more than 80 assassination attempts on Donald Trump, but otherwise the malicious shill mafia even participated in Ashli Babbit faking her own death

  9. Can someone explain exactly what was censored? Is it the whole wall of text in quotes that was edited out?

  10. yep, whole wall of text, minus maybe a couple words at the beginning and end. See exactly at 1:22:18

  11. https://old.reddit.com/r/TimPool/comments/u57ag7/timcast_irl_censored_last_night/

  12. Horrendous loud audio clipping At 1:17:46 in Tim Pool's Spotify release

  13. https://open.spotify.com/episode/7cg7MBLYEN1DHDRkzPrDcY

  14. https://old.reddit.com/r/TimPool/comments/u57ag7/timcast_irl_censored_last_night/

  15. Also, given that Tim Pool went to hype Daily Wire sponsored events, that if Timcast combined with Daily Wire are unable to provide financing security and safety to protect their events, helping each other and whatnot, then what is the purpose? Going to Summerfest and other kinds of event-based activities, investing in security and safety to ensure surviving threats of eggs being thrown was fairly protocol-basedly handled. How is anyone afraid of these kinds of insecurity theater live action roleplaying fearmongerings by now and why is Tim Pool submitting to this type of fear-based business model, influence model (the best way to teach, to lead by example)?

  16. I don't know the details of situation, but given all that past history in which Tim Pool explicitly stated things suggesting he was prepared to be banned/deplatformed from financial terrorist funded Google/YouTube, but instead Tim Pool submits to their extortion-like, reverse-blackmail/bribery-like demands, it seems as if Tim Pool makes money blood money income from Google/YouTube and other financial terrorists (including the occasional sponsors he signs contracts with) more so than his audience and viewerbase, cuz otherwise if Tim Pool were wise, smart, intelligent enough, he wouldn't need to manipulate and modify and alter and censor his content to fit for the pedophile/stockholm syndrome Google/YouTube terrorist gaslighting whitewashing agenda, and Tim Pool could unenslave himself, his employees/staff, and his audience to the maximum extent possible, and probably be more financially profitable than submitting to the financial terrorists infinite money glitch counterfeit naked short selling and history rewriting manufacturing consent of delusionality/derangement to be too afraid to talk about and cite sources of these things for fear of being censored for telling the truth as often as possible.

  17. And it's kinda ridiculous that all the LBRY/Odysee, Bitchute video uploads are exactly duplicated copies of the censored YouTube video releases, which seems unfortunate, since the only value for existing on other sites is in case the video disappears or whatnot, but otherwise still Tim Pool and fam never put any effort into uploading that Alex Jones snippet that got censored when Google/YouTube killed the livestream, and sourpatchlyds suggested that they could go back through the video footage and recover that part that was censored, and I emailed them referring to it, waiting to hear back from them for releasing that footage, and they ghosted/ignored/neglected me as if to treat me like I didn't exist, or never communicated any English language words to them. And given that they have 50 employees in their business, how is it that not a single human employee in their company is able to handle correspondence to reply back to emails? That's fucked up!

  18. In any case, overall, I still watch Tim Pool, and for the most part (almost, lol) I like his coverage of content, but kinda cringe here and there (quite a lot actually), cuz of the nature in which his communications appear to be opinionatedly authoritative with slight mistakes a few times, which is fine, cuz it's part of humanity, but this is why crowdsourcing information is far more distributedly intelligent than a single human attempting to be representative of the humans abilities to spread knowledge and information. Even recently Tim Pool replied to a question if he heard about Stew Peters getting raided, and Tim said he didn't know who that was. Oh my fuck! And if Tim Pool doesn't know who Stew Peters is, and probably doesn't know who Reiner Fuellmich is, and probably many others, that is a huge massive gaping hole of information that may otherwise contribute to potential misinformation communications.

  19. I just investigated a little bit and I found this result:

  20. I just investigated a little bit and I found this result:

  21. That extension is already a version behind in what versions of mediawiki it supports (have a look at the info box, MW is at 1.36 now). A lot of extensions are contributed by the community, but many are never maintained. When you then want to update mediawiki, things break. I tend to look at extensions from a perspective of, how long have they been around and do the people who support them have a history of making and supporting extensions.

  22. I lost one of my domains and noticed the redemption period and ~$150 fee (The cost is mostly from upstream registrar, domain registry, and possibly ICANN). Also see

  23. To be fair, that's not really a "catch" with cheap hosting. They make it pretty easy to auto-renew.

  24. Yeah. That's true. I unfortunately never have any money left in my bank account to afford any auto payments, so auto renew generally fails for me, as happened several times, haha

  25. I’m a bit of a Glass-Steagall fetishist myself. Yeaaaaah baby. Separate my business practices, baby. I’ve been a baaaaaad lender and speculator. The ideas behind Dodd-Frank were well-intentioned and some of the practices of collateralization and not being so over leveraged worked well, but it wasn’t a thousand pages because poor people and the regular investors who had been so hurt in the 2008 collapse wanted more complexity. This shit has to be simplified if we’re going to get more transparent and efficient markets and have a better handle on boom and bust. Also, there was no individual accountability for those that very clearly and very purposefully defrauded investors and the economy.

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