1. First, it's cod, it never was realistic. Second, that's not the problem. How is Ghostface in MW if he's a CW operator?

  2. It’s a glitch that you could do in warzone. It was really easy to do as well. The glitch also let you put any vanguard and Cold War camos that you’ve unlocked onto MW weapons. I think it was patched with the recent update though.

  3. You need gold camo first on the weapon you’re trying to earn it on

  4. I'll agree that it's been better but, you really think that being bought by a huge company and making you implement new ways to make money is that far fetched?

  5. I’m pretty sure the Microsoft deal hasn’t even gone through yet.

  6. The way I’ve done all of my launchers is basically just hopping into shipment or shoothouse and then I’d just wait for any streaks to pop up. Yea it’ll take a while for you to get the challenges done, but you’ll get there eventually. Make sure to prioritize shooting down personal uav’s they count toward so many of the challenges lol. Same with counter uav’s.

  7. The last Nindo challenges also gave you only 24 hours to do each one instead of 16 days. They were just as grindy but over a shorter time period.

  8. They definitely didn’t feel as Grindy tbh. You also only had to complete one of the challenges to get the glider but this time around you have to get everything done

  9. But you guys realize that there are 16 days to do it right, it’s not like a week time frame, it’s a bit over 2 weeks, so if you do a bit every day it isn’t AS bad (not saying it’s not that much but just not as bad as everyone makes it out to be)

  10. The problem is that it’s separated into different game modes. If we were able to do it all in one mode it wouldn’t be that bad

  11. Oh wait what, I thought it was all in zero build 💀

  12. You can see the last one in the image only mentions normal modes only. And the second one is zero build only and it doesn’t include squads. Then we see that the first challenge is squads only, So then because of that, you have to do each of these challenges kind of separately in different modes.

  13. I dunno, Vanguard isn’t even a year old and they do not give a fuck about that game.

  14. It honestly seems like vanguard was just put together to be a filler until Mw2 releases. I hitch kinda sucks because vanguard could be a good game, but it seems like they just don’t care for it all that much. Season 4 of vanguard is legitimately focused more on warzone than the actual main game.

  15. idk man i've been using hammer midrange and for firing on people behind structures so i can dip out of the area

  16. It honestly reminds me of the scar, so I like using it. I just wish it had more ammo

  17. That character has already been released in black ops.. Also it had a sword with kill effects

  18. I have it, the sword doesn’t have ant kill effects it’s just a skin for it

  19. I think she’s a nice skin. But personally I feel like she wasn’t necessarily up to par with the other tier 100’s at the time. All the other chapter 1 tier 100 skins were really cool and unique and what not. But luxe was just kind of bland in comparison.

  20. What does the glitch do? I saw someone earlier with an M4 that was missing a barrel and when I picked it up, my arm was like behind my head lmao. Is it that?

  21. I don’t know how it works but when the person holding the gun ADSs it shows a laser from behind the enemy team’s perspective, as well as playing the sounds of the gun right behind the enemy perspective when the person holding the gun shoots.

  22. Oh yea I didn’t encounter that. But now I’m more confused about how this dude I played against got his M4 that way lmao

  23. There’s a camo glitch and word is they are not patching it since sales have picked up on Cold War since the glitch.

  24. I highly doubt Cold War sales would increase by a lot due to the glitch tbh. You’d still have to grind for the camos on Cold War

  25. I slapped Dark Aether on EVERYTHING and saved blueprints of every mw gun that exists. It is by far the most beautiful mastery camo out of the 3 games there was no way I wasn't going to spend my time doing that

  26. Yea lmao. Dark matter/ aether is such a nice camo imo. And treyarch obviously knows a lot of people like it as well. They’ve put it in their past 3 games lmao. I hope this camo glitch stays long enough for me to be able to unlock dark aether and put it on my MW guns tho. But man I get so bored of grinding the zombies camos after like 2 hours lol so I’ve never fully committed to it

  27. Asking the real questions. I'm still waiting for them to detach it from warzone so I can reinstall.

  28. Ngl I kinda hated that game lmao. I mean it wasn’t terrible, but my god it was so short. Also that menace mechanic was really annoying.

  29. at least they updated Dark Aether to look a lot better

  30. It honestly looks really nice on warzone. I wish I unlocked dark aether tho lmao. There’s currently a glitch to put dark aether on any weapon even if it’s an MW or vanguard weapon. So I kinda wanted to try it out on different guns. But it’ll probably be patched before I unlock dark aether unfortunately.

  31. Quite a few of those guns, like the STG from VG or the Grau from MW, look incredible with DA

  32. Yea, I still need smgs, ar’s, lmg’s, tac rifles, and then launchers. It’s not hard but I honestly just get so bored so I take a shitload of breaks and it ends up taking me like a whole entire day or two to get one weapon done lmao. So I just never fully committed to getting it. But I’m currently taking a break from Cold War and playing MW again atm. But I may eventually go back and unlock dark aether in the future

  33. The problem with mw2019 for me was just the footsteps and the map design for most maps in 6v6. The fast ttk didnt help but if those other 2 things were fixed i think it wouldnt have mattered as much. I play ffa in all cods but it sucked in mw2019 however ground war was the best its ever been and i think the game was made more for bigger game modes or 2v2 gun fight. Lastly the big pve missions were awesome. But in the end Cold War MP>MW2019 MP

  34. Yea I agree, normal 6v6 was just not that enjoyable for me because of the maps. They were just too big with too many corners and hiding spots so there were plenty of matches where nobody moved and matches went to the time limit. Hopefully they fix this in MW2 but I have a feeling that it’ll be the same tbh. I’ll probably still play it for SnD and ground war but we’ll see I guess

  35. It’s still very active. Tbh most cod games remain alive way past their life cycle, I can even still hop onto bo4 rn and still find matches in the main modes easily. And with cross play on the recent cod’s they’re less likely to die out now. If you can get MW on sale, I’d definitely say that it’s worth it. But for full price, idk. The game is fun but I personally wouldn’t pay full price at this point especially with MW2 coming soon.

  36. Would MWII be as good or better than MW2019? If it’s worse people will keep playing this game and tbh i think this game is the most popular rn

  37. We really have no idea tbh. I personally can only see it being better as long as they fix the mistakes they made in MW. But either way, MW2 will most likely be more popular and a lot more active than MW since it’s supposed to be supported for 2 years instead of just 1. We aren’t going to be getting any new content for MW, so that’s why MW2 may be better for you as it’s going to be the main cod and will be getting constant updates. But like I said, if you can find MW on sale, then I’d definitely buy it. I just wouldn’t want you to spend $60 on MW and then have to spend another $70 for MW2. But idk it’s really up to you

  38. I was in the same boat as you. Elden ring was my first fromsoftware game. And after beating it twice I also wanted to try sekiro. It’s way different from elden ring. The combat is really smooth and fast paced as it’s all built around one weapon. The game is hard to get used to though. But it’s different for everyone. It didn’t take too long for the combat to click for me, but I’ve also heard some people say that it took them really long to finally be comfortable with the combat and deflecting. Either way the game is extremely fun, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it

  39. It was actually free on bo4 lol. It was in the battle pass I believe. And back then the battlepass was completely free.

  40. Idk why. From all the versions of the UMP45 in Call of Duty. They chose the most ugliest and least iconic out of them🤦‍♂️

  41. I mean it’s not really a ump tbh. The KSP doesn’t even exist irl. Plus it’s a burst weapon. So the normal Ump could still come into the game

  42. It’ll probably come in as the Striker, or LWRC 45, from MW. Cuz the UMP and LWRC are really similar

  43. True. Although the normal UMP has a chance of being in MW2 as well. So they could bring it from there as well if it does come

  44. It’s better that way. 80 shots was way too much and made the Spider-Man mythic OP af tbh.

  45. Don’t play this game . Is that seriously the noise the tomahawk throw makes ?😂😂😂😂

  46. Yep pretty much lol. But the vid is slowed down so it sounds weirder.

  47. I just started grinding for it again after taking a long break. And man, it’s kinda tough lol. Not because it’s hard, but I just get bored after a short while of getting the kills. I still need all AR’s, all smg’s, all tac rifle’s, all lmg’s, and then the launchers.

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