1. Cannon too, but they still are usmnt players just not on this roster selection

  2. I was wondering who that was … pretty random

  3. Lol I can’t choose between Reyna and Weah

  4. Five days ago he played 53 minutes. Five days before that he played 90 minutes. Four days before that he played 17 minutes. Four days before that he played 90 minutes (for NT).

  5. Maybe he’ll join St. Louis next year? He only has a one-year deal

  6. From what I hear the US prices for their sport matches are absurdly high compared to European ones. Such as the Super Bowl which apparently starts at few thousand versus just about a or few hundred maybe at a CL final or even Euro/World cup final (but I'm just guessing).

  7. You are very current! Our prices in the U.S. are out of control. And thank you, I’m so looking forward to it!

  8. He got 3.25 from Houston according to Google but I wouldn't count 10 as being "paid" in the NFL either.

  9. 10 would be getting “paid” for a RB by today’s standards, but as you noted he was paid considerably less than that.

  10. I’d assume so, I don’t see why not!

  11. I did it. Fill out the application and wait for approval. When you pay the membership fee, use Western Union to handle the IBAN situation. I did it this summer.

  12. Calabria got hurt vs Empoli. Tomori and Kjaer started in the middle, so Kalulu came on in the 1st half to replace Calabria. Dest came on in the 72nd minute to replace Kjaer and Kalulu shifted to his natural central role.

  13. Somebody smarter than me — is he still a possible leftback prospect for the national team?

  14. So at DC United, he was a left wingback. Was asked to get north-south a lot. Had to cover a lot of ground but probably was less involved in 1v1 duals than most traditional fullbacks. I also think that DCU tried to protect him a little bit defensively, at least when they first started playing him.

  15. Perfect, thank you! Exactly what I was wondering 🤝

  16. You guys are a bunch of Debbie downers. There’s still a chance he could play for the USMNT down the road.

  17. The USMNT tweeted yesterday to tweet them your FIFA23 goals with the national team and they’d retweet the best. They haven’t retweeted any, but I did tweet them

  18. I mean that goal is very average, I'm assuming a shit load of selected ones are gonna be power shots.

  19. They haven’t selected any. I don’t think they got enough submissions to retweet any.

  20. EA is so lazy. Need more MLS stadiums in FIFA

  21. I’m not really a fan of ESPN since their woke revolution a couple years ago. But it was pretty jarring going from ESPN coverage of the Japan game then the Saudi game looked like Fox sports shot it on a GoPro.

  22. GoPro quality is amazing. FS1’s coverage looked like it was shot on an old flip phone.

  23. Purely a guess, but I bet Atlanta is about to get some international soccer love.

  24. He’s definitely taking Yedlin (vet) and he loves the RB/RCB versatility of Cannon. I don’t, but we have to consider the way GGG is thinking.

  25. Thank you so much! I’ve been asking around for weeks for info on this game.

  26. I’d reach out to the American Outlaws or keep an eye on their Twitter page to see if they have a designated section. If they email details about it I’ll come back to this thread and let you know their section.

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