TIFU and realized I wasted my whole life. at 42 years of age took the safe path as a dentist. My advise to people at a similar age.

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  1. Thinking of going from X to 13. On the iPhone website comparison, X has telephoto and 13 does not. Will I miss that feature? I’m not even sure how much difference it will make.

  2. I have a 13 coming from 8 plus, and i do miss the telephoto lens.

  3. Yes, the best pants to showcase the male’s beautiful organ

  4. There’s actually a 4K version of that in twitter

  5. Is there any subreddit that consist of adults talking about their regrets like this.

  6. If i workout 3x/week should i hit my protein requirement everyday? Should i drink my whey shake in the saturday and sunday?

  7. I don’t know, the moment you said damaged frontal lobe is linked to blindness i stop reading immediately. A quick google search will tell you which lobe of the brain manages vision. Please stop spreading bullshit like this.

  8. Please link the scientific research, i’ve searched but find none.

  9. Deciding between the 11 series of iphones. I can get the 11 for 1000$, and the 11pro's for around 1400-1500$ CAD. I watch a lot of Netflix and Youtube and im really on the fence due to the screens. I would prefer the higher resolution + oled on the pro's but it would also be 400$ more expensive. Is it worth spending the extra cash to get the pro's or should I just go with the 11?

  10. Honestly the 11 screen’s is not that bad. Keep in mind that the top end iPad Pros also use LCD and with lower ppi (326 vs 265). But i never hear people talking shit about IPP’s screen. The difference is no pro motion display (but you don’t need it since you’re not drawing on your phone)

  11. Wait, torrenting comment got many upvotes but a person asking for streaming website got downvoted?

  12. I switched from gmail to iCloud mail. What do y’all think?

  13. You’re not alone. Kira2 2 minggu yang lalu, gue lagi ada urusan di Mangga Dua, pas sampe sana masih kepagian jadi gue mau makan dulu. Kebetulan ada resto ayam terkenal yang udah buka jem segitu. Nah antriannya tuh sepi banget, depan gue cuma ada 1 orang, ya gue tungguin dong. Nah waktu gue lagi ngantri, ada bapak2 udah ubanan, jalan langsung ke depan kasir. Nah dalem hati gue udah mikir, wah ini bakal masalah kayanya... eh bener aja. Abis org yg depan gue udah selesai mesen, gue maju kaaan, terus kasirnya nanya ini siapa duluan? (Pdhl dia tau gue udah antri duluan). Trus bapak itu lgsg bilang “saya duluan”. Trus gw juga bilang ke kasirnya “saya duluan mbak”. Eeeh terus si bapak ini malah ngebentak “ENGGA, SAYA DULUAN!” Trus kasirnya cuma senyum2 doang, yaudah akhirnya gue bilang ke mbak kasirnya, yaudah kasih dia duluan aja mbak 😄😄. Ya akhirnya dia beli sundae 2 biji buat dia sama cucunya. Pas gw nengok belakang ada keluarganya padahal, full team. Lol

  14. Hai komodos, cuma mau sharing dikit. Tadi aku dikatain culun sama dosen :(( ya emang (pasti) becanda sih. But i can't get it out of my head, gw itu paling sensitif kalo dikatain culun 😔

  15. Gw baru pindah ke kosan baru. Waktu pindahan sekilas ngeliat orang di sebelah kamar gw itu good looking. I told my friend about this and he keeps telling me to knock his door and get closer with him. But i didn't do it because i afraid i will disturb him lol.

  16. I hope there's a cockroach in your room and you have to knock his door to ask him get rid of it 😌

  17. I'm not afraid of cockroach, they're my friends

  18. I would like to hear the experience ☃️

  19. Ini udah termasuk hipnotis ya? Sampe nunggu sejem gitu..

  20. Yang bapak baju putih mirip artis indo.

  21. So this is 3 days of workout in a week right? And when we need to do the extra credit?

  22. They are insecure, they know you want to improve yourself but they don't. They will try to ridicule you, make you feel embarassed and stupid. But don't fall into their trap, keep doing what's the best for yourself. It's best if you leave this kind of friendship, find a friend that supports each other.

  23. There's a podcast titled Unfuck Your Brain by Kara Loewentheil and it specifically talks about this problem in the first couple of episode. I HIGHLY recommend that podcast, changed my life.

  24. Thanks for this recommendation! I just listened to it. That was a great podcast. The second episode about anxiety was also really good.

  25. Yes knowing WHY we procrastinate and how to combat it successfully, i can't believe i'm hearing it for free to be honest.

  26. bro whenever i walk alone in my country they make fun of me bcoz i walk alone they bully me afterwards... what should i do?

  27. try to walk early in the morning while they are still sleeping or walk to a place that they won't see. Or last thing you can do is just ignore them. If your only reason to not walk is because you're afraid of getting bullied by other people, you will regret it in the future.

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