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  1. Damn that’s a sad one. Hope the kids are ok.

  2. You’re leveling up so hard dude. Keep up the great work!

  3. Lol thinking you ‘won’. ER doctor just didn’t give a fuck, probably has people with real issues in there.

  4. Blood Simple is pretty raw filmmaking but still awesome. Haven’t seen Stray Dog.

  5. A majority of the cuts/sources of steak available (any of the ones that come on a styrofoam rectangle) are better medium+ than medium rare.

  6. Garlic needs to be used in extremely conservative amounts. Even when following an online recipe which calls for garlic I’ll usually drop the amount by half.

  7. Mother fucker. This has happened to me too much this season. I take the road dog live and immediately afterward that team throws a pick.

  8. If this is the 16th+ time this has happened this season you only have yourself to blame lol

  9. There’s no way this was accidental

  10. How is a perfect torch of arguably the most popular (high-level char) class worth only a ber... its 1 in 121 torches for a 20/20, and 1 in 847 for a perfect ptorch

  11. It’s because there’s such an absolutely massive amount of torch farmers and each pally only needs one torch. Whereas a Ber can be used for a rune word for essentially any char and is attached to the most important runeword in the game.

  12. Not to mention Last Wish, CoH, and Infinity which are also extremely important runewords. Also as soon as a Ber is used, it’s immediately removed from the market, whereas a torch can be moved and consistently loses value as more torches are farmed. I personally wouldn’t let a perf Ptorch go for a Ber but that valuation is understandable.

  13. Seeing Pavement there next year! So stoked

  14. Can’t stop playing SMT V

  15. Sweet. This is my first SMT game. About 25 hours in and absolutely hooked in almost every aspect. Phenomenal gameplay and combat

  16. SMT V is so good for min/maxing with infinite essence/demon combos and crazy super bosses

  17. I’m new on this sub and I honestly would like to know too. Also what’s “uj” or”rj”? Been seeing that on some post. And what’s the deal with Celeste? Never heard of it until this sub

  18. You have to go buy Celeste, hidden gem

  19. Where did the fanboying over Celeste come from, never heard of this game outside of this sub

  20. It came from the game Celeste, which is a hidden gem in the Switch’s repertoire

  21. Canadian here with an honest question, is Mac and cheese a traditional American thanksgiving side? It seems so out of place

  22. More common in the south. Mac and cheese is a pretty traditional soul food dish and is often made for special occasions. Cornbread/cornbread stuffing and candied sweet potatoes are more popular in the south as well.

  23. Cornbread stuffing sounds incredible. Might have to give it a go for Christmas

  24. Our previous mayor smoked a bunch of crack and then died

  25. 3-11 Wild Smalls crucible only

  26. Hall is useless. Keep Malkin imo. Larkin could be a rn move but it won’t pay off long term.

  27. Word. Yeah that makes sense. I am desperate rn sitting in last, but I could scrape together a hot streak when Malkin comes back. Thanks for the advice dudes!

  28. What about Malkin for Larkin straight up?

  29. Bruh, it's just a loose hair and not a malicious act. Just show them and ask for a replacement order or a refund. Holding it up in front of them, taking a picture, and posting it on the internet along with their location is taking it too far.

  30. Yeah this is full on Karen energy with the photo and location. Like settle down kid you’re at a literal Popeye’s

  31. POE 2 is great, I’ve only played it on PC though so I can’t speak to the controls on PS5

  32. I never tried the turn based, but the real-time with pause combat is a great gameplay mechanic. The writing and story development was also incredible. As far as quantity of combat I’d say it’s more dungeon crawler-Esque where there is a lot of dialogue and quest collecting and then a lot of combat during the quests. But again, the dialogue and writing is incredible. I can’t speak to pathfinder but I’ve heard the character creation and customization is far superior.

  33. I can't figure out at what point we began actually taking athletes opinions seriously on any topic other then the sport they play.

  34. American celebrity obsession is the culprit

  35. Obligatory fuck Amazon and go to your local video game store post. Clearly a sourcing issue. Easily exchanged if need be though

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