1. I would say it's good but I don't think it really kind of falls apart at least in terms of lore at least

  2. Yeah I was kind of to give the show a proper lore but yeah I can understand I will want to go see my full opinions about this later and its own opinion will be a bit later in its own comment

  3. Last I was on the peacock discord it was just announced they were looking at Absolution, although I know nothing further.

  4. a little sad about the servers being temporary shut down for a while ( although it's from since 2018 as well as removing DLCs) I do hope they come back one day but for now I do hear the peacock servers is going to make some Absolution servers (hope will it also include the DLCs)

  5. If you're wondering why, it is because it is as common in Japanese not to mention your rivals work in the wrong program

  6. oh hey the oh final member of Sarendia decided to join the fate Grand order by the way just Saren Sasaki, Suzume Amano and Kurumi Kuribayashi are also there also by the way I do hope she get some more Roles by the way

  7. also fun fact by the way is that in Korea voice actors of Mint and Cocoa are married in real life

  8. happy birthday to my G-Bro, on the minor characters and the Duelist who likes to make hot dogs

  9. Saying I have been to me in a different discord chat the other day when I was talking about presentation

  10. happy birthday to traitor knight, yandere goddess, one of my digimons, Raven of Shoguns, a digimon with additional forms and many others

  11. happy birthday to my pretty much everyone's his favorite Demon Slayer, cardboard, h ninja, that one kid, a school council president likes to play card games and recently same character by dress but as an alien Hunter

  12. Lex Luthor vs. dr. Doom: Honestly I would say it was an alright episode but kind of wish it was Gilgamesh instead of Lex Luthor

  13. Well next week is going to be identity if and who's who episode

  14. Happy birthday to the demons son as well as dio's voice actor prior to Takehito Koyasu

  15. Open it you opening as weird where is your Kamen Rider expy fighting a goblin riding on a super super really a giant Beast

  16. yeah to be all this I'm going to personally say that I I think of Revelations is good ( mostly because of the movie to be honest but my only complaint I have are the box Club rarely does anything and secondly it didn't really have much story after the beginning and only till the video before the movie to be honest)

  17. honestly I could see a mini campaign based on this to be honest focusing on 47 just killing all with all these targets in various different locations in Los Santos but I honestly feel like it's kind of lazy and a bit anti-climactic and I prefer them handling themselves to be honest to have a satisfying ending to be honest

  18. I got ya yep that's pretty much everyone's as first thoughts exactly to be honest when they found out that they have the same voice ( also he's the Japanese voice actor for Winston)

  19. Happy birthday to everyone's his favorite Dragon Maiden, what half of a maiden, one of my Japanese ships, one of my Knights

  20. okay yeah maybe the do cousin really work if it was from the same franchise but yeah

  21. Okay when did the Royal Navy design your own version of depth of my of my second wife

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