(OC) Was asked to dogsit, decided to film meeting this very shy pupper for the first time. Took a minute, but we got there. I don't really use Reddit but my friend thought it was wholesome and that I should share it on here. So there you go. :)

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  1. It would seem the idea of pursuing your job is something that would end part of what you have going. Is it possible to take this job and find the same peace? If you did, would you still regret?

  2. He was a civilian budget analyst for the United States Air Force and was employed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Kevin is too short to serve in any branch of the American military.

  3. I was kinda wondering if the military had a hard height minimum. Tbh I wouldn't be surprised if he sat on a cushion while he drove.

  4. I use the Alarmy app. To get the alarm to turn off, I have the scan the barcode of my bathroom soap.

  5. I did nearly the exact same thing with Alarmy! I would even put a towel in my bathroom the night before so it would coax me into the shower instead of walking back to bed. Way easier to wake up in the shower!

  6. i worked for a local restaurant and i want so badly to say who it is but the cock named the whole building after himself

  7. Technically? She's already trying to come back. Don't cut off and instead offer a small credit on her next pickup. If you're really trying to play by the rules tell her it's tough tooties and give it time.

  8. I've been meditating for a year, maybe six months with consistency. I've certainly heard about the 'click'! I can't say for sure if it's happened for me.

  9. As soon as I saw his face I was like man!!!! I give anything I could to have one punch with him!

  10. The funny thing is, you will probably still pay the 500 😂

  11. I meant jaswinder because he's professional but I voted Singh oops

  12. China heard the WHO declared the pandemic over and decided to bring it back singlehandedly.

  13. Seriously how do not put him in the options. He was literally less afraid of death than facing the music.

  14. How can it not be the guuuuy that got on his knees and begged Chris not to put it on teebee?

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