My new project - 'The Clock Tower Park'

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  1. that looks great, I wonder when it'll ship out fully

  2. your literally perfect🥹❤️

  3. yeah I've seen this, it's really helpful, nice addition 😌

  4. love it thank you for making this🫶💜

  5. you look absolutely stunning, definitely nothing to be ashamed of there with that body, love yourself because you deserve to!!

  6. I love their animated album art and artist covers. I hope we get those soon.

  7. it's below medium 🤧💀

  8. so cute message me (16M) btw🫶🥴

  9. it's amazing music📌📀

  10. I did, it just brings up a UI to disable notifications, but I don't wanna lose control over my music controls

  11. I don't get why people love Spotify so much

  12. I agree with everything you just said, hence I use YouTube Music aswell, also the recommendations are the best I've seen period

  13. no, it's outdated tbh, a side mounted sensor would definitely be better if I had to chose

  14. be smart by understanding your simply not smart

  15. realised I liked guys after taking a look at myself and actually realising what I want, but then girls are still aight

  16. low-key such a fire wallpaper 😤📌👊

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