1. Hasn't the EU done this before, and then Lithuania said, "yeah, no". ?

  2. knud says:

    No doubt getting pressured from certain EU countries as indicated here.

  3. It says right there in the article - if Lithuania is attacked by Russia (which theoretically should start automatic response from NATO) then Germany is AFRAID that it COULD be involved in the war. Not that they will, but they could. Which is directly contradicting NATO policies, but also is completely in line with all the appeasing EU does over last two decades (remember Georgia invasion? No repercussions, only appeasement of frend Vlad).

  4. knud says:

    Russia publicly announces their intention to subjugate Ukraine as a nation and starts slaughtering the population. At the start of the war, Scholz wouldn't even confirm that Nord Stream 2 would be dropped. I don't believe for a second in European nations resolve to for example restore Estonia's national integrity if Russia had opted to take a Russian speaking border town.

  5. knud says:

    Just need one to veto.

  6. Also pretending the Chinese car makers don't exist either

  7. knud says:

    Doubtful if they have a future in either USA or Europe for political reasons. There is an ever looming trade war and especially USA has made maneuvers towards a China that is now considered an advisory.

  8. Lmao Aaron mate has provided cover for the Assad regime for ages. If you are just coming around that that dude is a snake in the grass thats a yikes.

  9. I caught on to him when he claimed CIA most likely poisoned Navalny as the first reaction of the news.

  10. Jeg købte en Electrolux ChillFlex Pro til 3000 kr. Den kan køle ned til 16 grader og du kan let køre den ind i et andet rum. Der er et fleksibelt udsugningsrør med som jeg egentlig bare har åbnet vindet på klem og lagt ud, ikke super effektivt. Men på trods af det får den hurtigt kølet 2-3 værelser så det holder natten over. Jeg bruger den egentlig bare i de tilfælde hvor hele siden af bygning har stået og kogt så det er ulideligt varmt om aftenen.

  11. They call him that because they don't recognize him as the legitimate president of Ukraine.

  12. Personally, I think our owners saw what happened with Betis last year and didn’t want a repeat of that.

  13. Since then one of his staffers tried to strangle Bodø/Glimt's coach after getting embarrassed in Norway.

  14. This sort of Russian reaction from the murder of civilians is indicative of the cess pool which is Russian society.

  15. They are set out to be the most hated nation in Europe for the next 50 years.

  16. What, you trying to say that Ron Perlman didn’t serve in the Soviet Army during WW2!? What other lies have I been told by the council!?

  17. I just assumed he was a degenarate serving European munks in the middle ages. Not that it would exclude him from a prominent role in American political discourse.

  18. I'd assume most Danes and Swedes has been to Norway at some point in their life, which counts in the statistics. Myself included.

  19. Or you could travel to the part of Denmark who voted itself out of EU, Greenland.

  20. Kay Bojesen træfigurer. Firmaet bag malker navnet af en klassisk dansk designer. 800 kr for en lille masseproduceret træfigur.

  21. MLS discovery rights are basically dibs. Teams can call dibs on 7 non-MLS players, and if any other team wants them they have to pay them, usually with GAM. And there are essentially 0 restrictions on who you can put on the list, which leads to stupid cases like this where Inter Miami apparently “discovered” Gareth Bale.

  22. That sounds awfully lot like a cartel. The club owners has agreed to not compete on signing the same players.

  23. Should have done it 20 years ago when it was most relevant in the lead up to the Iraq war. Today Chomsky is busy disgracing his earlier work by pitching for Russia.

  24. I was saying the same at our last visit to the UK. Dublin was lovely!

  25. They love their queen there. All under one flag.

  26. Nægter at tro på at der er plads til tre partier i Folketinget som mere eller mindre baserer deres eksistens på indvandrerkritisk politik. Måske der er ved næste valg, men derefter er der i hvert fald et af dem som må blive kanabaliseret af de andre.

  27. It's quite ubelievable how Germany sold its national security to Putin. Their economy is based on cheap Russian gas with no leverage in a conflict as they failed to prepare alternative pipelines or LNG import. It's a failure in leadership.

  28. It's a crazy world we live in when there are people who legitimately think requiring immigrants to learn your national language makes you a white supremacist.

  29. We had some unfortunate experience with for example Somali women in Denmark who had been here more than a decade and didn't speak the language because they haven't had work or any other kind of interaction with Danish people. And then later they have children who they would keep out of kindergarden, who then when at the school age would start school without speaking Danish and it would set their development back. That's why there are requirements both on learning language for obtaining permanent residentship and also that children would have to attend kindergarden if the parents are receiving unemployment benefits and want the full amount.

  30. In Denmark it's a requirement to pass a very, very basic language test just for a temporary residentship in cases of family reunification. You need both a more comprehensive language test and a cultural test to get a permanent residentship later.

  31. Hun har selv været fortaler for at hvis man er dømt skal man aldrig blive dansk statsborger… der burde være samme minimum samme krav til folketingspolitikere som dem der gerne vil være statsborger. Inkl en årlig test i kultur, værdier og historie.

  32. Så hvis Troels Lund Poulsen havde haft held til at påvirke Skats afgørelse af Helle Thorning Schmidt's skattesag, så skulle HTS forlade dansk politik efter dom?

  33. They got a lot for their money.

  34. Harstad is doing just about as well as Roma is in Norway.

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