1. You literally listrd characters with better neutral offence...

  2. nobu has her zone softfeints and her entire hidden stance. nuxia’s traps are okay mindgames but is countered by a bunch of shit that makes it a nice feature but not something to rely on. idk how you think jorm has an opener when his bash is actually reactable literally the only perk it has is being from pure neutral but that’s all he had

  3. It's hard to react to both neutral lights and bash but yeah. Jorm bash is reactable.

  4. yeah you could say that.. nobu doesn’t have the best for openers but she’s still higher than jorm in duels because she has an actual mixup

  5. Ignoring your child being beaten up and then avoiding the consequences of your shitty parenting is based how exactly?

  6. I mean, in most cases of abortion it isn’t the woman’s choice anyways in the US. A lot of it is giving into the pressure from family and partners, regardless of their own want of the child. (Anecdotal argument, perhaps, because I can’t speak for every abortion clinic in the country. Just the ones I’ve been to and read about)

  7. the choice always boils down to the woman getting the baby sucked out of her.. no one can sign the papers for her…

  8. So this was weird for me but I went ans got every hero to Rep 1 to understand how they play. Maybe just try to play as Nobu against a bot to understand how she plays? But regardless of what you choose you just gotta keep on practicing.

  9. this is what i did as well and still do as reworks and new hero’s come.. half the game is knowing what your opponent can and cannot do

  10. Bad news for me, I just got my first ever ak...sam7 D: I’m honestly really concerned, I’m getting a little bit of buyers regret.

  11. 7.62 is still way cheaper than 5.56 and i think it’s still almost 10 cpr cheaper than .223 rn. if you worried about the ban, just use the money you’d waste on a 556 gun and buy more 7.62 tbh

  12. Why did you delay the chain heavy in the unsafe oos parry punish? Does it stand him up or something? Genuinely asking

  13. conq neutral heavies deal more damage than his chains iirc

  14. Missing the magazine release and charging handle but includes the oh-so-useful forward assist

  15. lmfao what the fuck are you talking about

  16. Yes, not a problem even in the most strict of states they’re okay (CA, NY).

  17. thanks for the info he’ll have to epoxy them closed so that he doesn’t completely want to move out of state over the bill

  18. Rivet them! That way if the silliness goes away the rivets can be drilled out.

  19. i’m not sure how well riveting polymer mags would go for him

  20. my man thats nothing, my tier 4 feat for lawbringer (4 grenades) is still glitching and I litteraly can't use them every 3 games

  21. really? like straight up won’t activate?

  22. i’m at zero because i refuse to give Ubi any more money than i already have

  23. Just cuz it beats multiple offense option doesn’t mean it’s an option select . It has to select an option for ur character to do depending on what the enemy does. Definition of option select from freeze “A single input, that results in different options, depending on what the opponent does. The game SELECTS the OPTION.”

  24. what actually the fuck are you talking about. in the most basic way to explain it, and option select is a defensive move that beats multiple different paths of offense. Conq’s bash beats a heavy, or a heavy feint to GB no matter what.. that makes it an OS. LB’s side bash shove is the same exact way

  25. i got second of the other guy falls through

  26. Mag don’t get stuck if you know what you are doing with full dong

  27. he bought it with his own money..

  28. how do you know where his dong came from 🤨lmfao

  29. Hopefully they address the correct problems.

  30. gives conq HA on heavy chain

  31. I don't think "fascist," is the word you're looking for, bud.

  32. my dad and i were wondering why the red didn’t split them up sooner. he looked like a zombie after he got slugged on but still a great card last night

  33. That's crazy that I've never seen or heard of this. Found only 2 videos on it and they're both super vague lol. Is there a better tutorial anywhere you know of?

  34. shinobi’s is the strongest

  35. Lol just dodge and parry

  36. that moment when getting bashed by conq means you can’t dodge his heavies

  37. Conq was not powerful…. Wtf. He was annoying to fight cause he had broken defense but shitty offense that relied on oos stamina pauses with the bash

  38. yet they still kept and even buffed his defense..

  39. Not at all, his defense is good but in a healthy and reasonable way now cause of recovery cancels

  40. all they did was change his fucking zone. he has MORE defense now with an unrelenting offense… how the fuck do you not see the problem?

  41. i always take all the patterns off of WL but that’s my personal preference

  42. ubi once again has no clue what’s good for their game

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