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  1. What a problem, just lift the cart above the yellow line

  2. At first I thought that Da Vinci designed the Imola circuit (Tamburello, Aqua Minerale etc.), something like the medieval Hermann Tilke

  3. This kind of map is useful if you have limited space above the door. But in any other case, I'm not fond of this alignment, because it doesn't say much about the geography of the lines. I mean, for example, in the far left end Stokłosy on the blue line and Karolin on the red line appear right on top of each other, but in reality there's probably quite a distance between them.

  4. Yes, I created this diagram with the simplified route of the metro lines in mind, geographically has no application. And happy cake day!

  5. It is strange to see our Pope without his face turned yellow.

  6. 350kg?! Holy sh**. I'm watching F1 for 15 years and I don't even weigh a quarter of that weight.

  7. "Some say..." or "and on that bombshell..."

  8. You must export configuration (button at bottom) to your own name of config and choose it, you are editing default config without saving it

  9. How to score nine darter in F1:

  10. Is this the promised refund for Spa 2021 in the form of material rewards?

  11. New Zealanders don't wear shoes on dates

  12. ...and then we implement the plan "Monza": we will put stoppers on Red Bull and Mercedes pneumatic wrenches so that Max and Lewis will meet in chicane - then members of our team "Perth" and "Bristol" would score 1-2. If it fails, we will apply the "Hajduszoboszlo" plan: "Nastola" will drive into Max and Sergio to get our man "Evreux" first win. Everyone will think this is a coincidence, and we are actually working according to plan.

  13. It does not look a bit like a 3.9 km track, more about 5 km Apart from that, the track seems nice

  14. Maybe they want to copy Hamilton when he used mediums in Q3 for the 2020 Portuguese GP

  15. His elves certainly specialize in building Mercedes-AMG F1 M12 E Performance 1.6 L V6 engines

  16. this gym should be all penguins

  17. W jakim mieście to znalazłeś?

  18. Click layers button and disable custom map

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