It doesn't matter how much you like his music, Tekashi 69 slept with a 13 year old and by listening to his music you are lining the pockets of a rapist.

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  1. i've been using Stellar for 3 weeks now and its been nothing but trash. But then again it only cost me $75 for a month... probably because it's trash lol.

  2. Just picked mine up today. They just handed me the box, didn’t even make me lock the gun lol.

  3. As long as it doesn't have federal limits apply on it, you're gtg. Mine is pre fed limits and I've bought just fine.

  4. They are just blithely ignoring the countless recent press conferences and speeches that Biden has given where he sounds 10 times more coherent and prepared and saner than Trump on his best day

  5. Wait there both stiff when playing and smooth when the controllers off. Lmao wtf is going on, how do I turn down the stiffness lol.

  6. My ps5 was supposed to be ready on Friday, got it yesterday. So I guess anything can happen.

  7. The news does lie. My families house was on the news cause our house burned down, someone knocked on the door and the news said he ran in the house a tried to save two kids lol.

  8. I'm already a far left socialist so heres what i got

  9. 17 million Americans filed for PUA. I’d say 98 percent of people who filled legit or not will never hear a thing from the government.

  10. That sucks. Same thing happened to me but the person didn’t lie cause they thought I was at fault cause I parked illegally and was all high and mighty lol. Their insurance admitted fault and paid for the damage.

  11. Annnnnnnd how does a insurance company know if you where working if you don’t tell them. I’m not trying to be like that I’m just saying every gig worker lies when accidents happen especially the food drivers. Uber/Lyft drivers have a harder time.

  12. I don’t see anyone mentioning it so I will. Insurance Fraud is one of the biggest reasons why insurance premiums increase for other insureds. Lying to your insurance company, and committing insurance fraud, may help you but it screws over everyone else.

  13. It’s just a reality. Seasoned drivers know to not mention it, they don’t wear company gear, don’t have car decals. Like I said I’m not here saying do it, I’m just saying the reality is 99% of drivers don’t have the right insurance, it’s too expensive, and that they won’t say anything about gig apps when talking to insurance.

  14. Just because a few arsonist set some businesses doesn’t mean the protests that transpired weren’t peaceful. Bad meme

  15. Just cause a few cops do some some bad shit doesn’t mean all police are bad then right

  16. How do I get a refund. Digital download. This shit is horrible.

  17. Prob won’t. Millions applied, did covid affect how u make money, well yea it did for everyone.

  18. It will catch up in a about a year. Just dont spend it all.

  19. My friend tested positive yesterday. Only symptoms so far are no taste and no smell. He was living like there was no virus at all. Just the night before he was at a house get together playing poker lol.

  20. The no taste and no smell symptoms are a sign that it’s affecting his neurological system. The long term implications of that are as yet unknown and to me the scariest.

  21. Yea we are in are late 20’s. Like I said he really just brushed it off and lived his life. I’m not sure if I should break that potential life long news with him.

  22. Where are you in so cal. I’m in LA, well I’ve been to beaches out here, I also drive up to Oxnard and go to Mandalay beach. A lot fewer people at that beach, if you near I’d go there. You can go to the beach in peace.

  23. He actually said he wouldn't recommend protesting, but that it was a law enforcement issue and not his place to decide that.

  24. Yes. BLM protests spread the virus, CNN said the protesting was admirable. Businesses Reopen, CNN said they’re killing people. See the hypocrisy.

  25. Remember when the dems said it wasn’t a problem and that shutting down flights from China was xenophobic. Yea me too.

  26. Shutting down flights for Chinese Nationals while still letting Americans fly back and forth to China was indeed xenophobic. It's also what happened. As usual Trump made the dumbest possible decision and then cried when people described it as exactly that.

  27. Maybe I'm just a chill dude, but I feel like things aren't that crazy or incomprehensible right now.

  28. This sub is fixated on a new normal. We’ll be back sooner then later.

  29. No one cares about church except the dumbass flock. Church is a super spreader for Covid19, protests aren't. Vet over it religious people, I get you think that being racist to black people is part of your christian identity, and you all feel the need to go to church and talk about how much you hate minorities and lgbtq people, but the rest of us normal non hateful people don't give a shit about the religion you use to shield your hatred, not even the Supreme Court cared.

  30. Lmao wtf are you talking about. Real tolerant. And republicans are the problem lol.

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