1. New Bombardier coaches coming from Ontario. Might've just been routed down there?

  2. Not new just refurbished. And since metrolink is run by Amtrak my guess would be they are the ones hauling the cars back to California. So they would have hotel power and may even be using the cars for the current run.

  3. My guess would be by the manufacturer. There was an article on it from metrolink. They were in need of a severe update so I don’t think it was done by metrolink.

  4. Looks like the tool we used at my bakery to open those giant plastic buckets

  5. Came to say this. It looks like a bucket opener. Can’t find the exact one but google search brings up similar plastic ones.

  6. Heat gun works great. And for those who say “you get what you pay for”. You have clearly never bought tool storage. I just bought 2 large pack outs last night and had the same damn thing happen removing the stickers. So please don’t comment on shit you know nothing about. Thank you.

  7. I’m gonna have to go with mal mix. If you look at the 4th photo I believe she has the “stinkbug” stance of a mal. Not the “I’m gonna drag my butt” like German Shepard.

  8. If it is over heating at freeway speeds and not in town driving… check the fan shroud. At speed the air can not escape the engine compartment and doesn’t allow cool air across the radiator. Most likely the ax also stops working at this point as well ell

  9. What is the ax? The bottom of the fan shroud is loose. You might be onto something

  10. This is the answer. The small cylinders on the side fit in the pilot bearing and then the cone shape screws in and aligns the clutch. It’s a universal kit.

  11. This is the way. Then use a block of wood to stop you at the correct height. Can also use a block of wood to stop a hammer at a specific depth as well.

  12. If you are in Canada look into the Spartan locker. Same concept. I run one in my bronco front end and it works flawlessly. Just makes a lot of noise when hubs are locked. It’s completely normal thou.

  13. Do they make them for Land Cruiser Prado 90 series ?

  14. No idea about land cruiser axles lol. If they use regular Toyota centers you should be good.

  15. The antenna is outside and the electronics are usually in a cooled electronics (avionics) bay somewhere else

  16. Exactly. Also most electronics will never be too cold. They generate so much heat that they need to be cooled no matter the environment.

  17. I would imagine that this was an add-on to an existing fuselage. So this way they put the electronics outside the “skin” of the plane, open a small whole for the cables to come through, and cover it with a radome.

  18. Also the fuselage is metal. This blocks or interferes with most antenna. By placing it on the outside and covering it with fiberglass there is minimal interference.

  19. I have 2 baskets full of toys lol. Redirect works amazing. My pup is almost 2 now and I’ve had her since she was 2 weeks old. Avoid super hard toys as they will grind down the teeth. I’ve found the kongs work the best with my pup.

  20. Awesome, do you leave the basket accesible for him or give him different toys on different days? I have a kong for him, we use it when we are leaving so he stays entertained, haven’t started freezing it yet, but I will

  21. She has access to all her toys. She decides which ones she wants as she goes through phases. Balls are her favorite thou. Always wants those.

  22. Husky you can't beat their warranty no matter how you break it the depot will give you another one. Case in point 1 inch ratcheting wrench i told them I tried to see what it would take before it broke. They customer service person called a floor person to bring another one up front and asked me how I broke it told them a 3 foot fiberglass pipe cheater they said thats cool and handed me the new wrench.

  23. Been a mechanic a long time and nothing sucks more then trying to get a tool warranty. HD has been top notch and they almost always have the replacement on the shelf. Doesn’t matter if it’s from a set or a single they will replace it. Plus there’s like 5 HD within 20 miles of me lol

  24. Buy a older 4x4 and an ev vehicle. Strip the electronics from the ev and attach to the transmission of the older 4x4. Guy did this 2 years ago and ran long of the hammers.

  25. Too many variables. But.. 4low is usually reserved for when I need to crawl and maintain control with ease. Also depends which truck I’m driving. The bronco only has 4low and the 4Runner has low and low low.

  26. Zyn nicotine pouches. As for how they got there, I have no idea

  27. Backspacing is the distance from rim mounting surface to the inner edge of the rim. Off set is the distance of the rim mounting surface to the center line of the rim

  28. Any trails in souther California. Truck trails

  29. Holcomb valley near big bear. Plenty of trails for a good day/weekend trip

  30. This looks like the area they have been jacking the containers. Someone probably threw the switch on them lol.

  31. or there is so much shit on the tracks that they can derail the trains. some news reports are stating that UP says 1 in 5 trains is being hit.

  32. Yea they don’t even need to be stopped. Just slow enough for people to jump on.

  33. Could've just used a knife or scissors but nope, make a fucking death saw.

  34. You are correct in your calculations. Most people have winches and gear that are inadequate for anything they do. 2.5 times is my rule. Most off the shelf shackles and rigging equipment is designed for rigging a lifting load. Not a shock load that most recovery equipment can see. You have to search for recovery equipment. They are not cheap. 12000 lbs winch in a double line pull is 24000 lbs in a static pull. Not to mention any shock that’s placed on the line. I’d recommend a 30k lbs minimum.

  35. I do not recommend it for a novice in snow wheeling. Before you tried over landing in the snow you should become familiar with wheeling in the snow first. Snow can hide a ton of dangers. I’ve personally seen 10’ deep ditches look like flat land and swallow whole trucks. Different types of snow require different tactics. Knowing how much snow to clear around your vehicle when stopped to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. There are a ton of new things to learn with winter over landing vs summer.

  36. She won’t notice until she finds out you took out a second mortgage on the house 😂😂

  37. Where’s the digital probe? What you might be reading is the difference between grate temp and top air temp.

  38. I was able to find a littermate for my pup with embark.

  39. Cotter pins are more like bolts with a head at one end and a hole at the other. They are held in place by a split pin. Normally found on barrow or cart wheels

  40. Those are called hitch pins. They use a cotter pin to hold them in.

  41. Split pin is what I would call it, and that seems to be a thing you can buy.. or am I making some stupid assumptions and I need kipper flicked nail or something?

  42. Split pin, cotter key, cotter pin. I’ve heard them called all kinds of names over the years lol. Yes you are correct in your assumption.

  43. Mohave road is a great trip for beginners. You can plan out a small trip and keep progressing. There’s plenty of places to turn off and head home. Also it frequently traveled by others so if something does happen help isn’t usually far. Also Holcomb valley near big bear is another great area to drive and and camp. The trails are pretty forgiving and it’s a nice change from strictly desert driving.

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