1. This is really nice!! May I hear the reasoning for your headcanons, out of curiosity? :0

  2. Sure! I feel like Sara is trans coded, just a lot of little things like how she was more interested in clothing than academics when picking a school, how her room looked nothing like Maples when Ranmaru pointed it out, etc. Joe's came from an offical art mostly(the art book). I'm also trans myself so trans hcs are a bit of a comfort for me.

  3. Yeah that makes total sense!! Honestly the Sara being trans coded sounds really legit :0

  4. NTA in principle. If she's still supporting you financially (e.g. groceries or other things) it wouldn't hurt to help her out a bit as a reciprocal thing. Maybe don't be accepting her gifts that you need without offering her gifts that she needs.

  5. She isn't supporting my financially-I am completely independent. Though I have messaged her that I won't be accepting any gifts from bow on as I'm uncomfortable with them, thanks for the advice!!!!

  6. Yeah, I don't usually accept gifts from her, but she bought them before telling me so I thought it would be rude not to take them. Definitely not doing it again in the future, though, it's way too much trouble.

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