Biden to announce requirement for employers with more than 100 employees to mandate vaccines, impacting over 80 million workers

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  1. Already made some solid money on Lucid going from 19 to 27. Cashed out. I think it might have some room to run, but I also think it could dump at any moment... any reason a straddle options play would be a bad idea? I feel like price action is going to move hard one way or another.

  2. MNTS to $20 confirmed (tHe mArKeT cAn sTay irRatIonAl lOngER tHan yOu cAn sTay sOlvEnt)

  3. Yea, plus some extra gains for iv expansion in that scenario. Like I said less leverage than warrants but way less downside in cases like ggpi for instance

  4. Nice, thanks man, definitely going to give this strategy a try with a few tickers.

  5. At what point would you guys consider getting back into Rocket Lab? $10 - $12?

  6. MNTS sure is a head scratcher, but I’m gonna hold these puts. The extremely low volume makes me confident

  7. It is honestly mind boggling, has to be insiders trying to get it to $12.50 so they can sell, that's the only thing I can think of... the PIPE also didn't dump which is EXTREMELY odd, there just has to be more to the story with this one.

  8. I have pelvic pain... I plan to get an IV stem cell injection in a few months. An IV stem cell injection is probably less invasive than Botox... although Botox seems to have a good track record of efficacy.

  9. If absolutely nothing works after the botox, more trigger points, etc I will also look into the stem cell route

  10. Yep, tons of them just makes me feel high for about hours

  11. With VIH vote coming up in October, and it currently staying above 10, doesn't that effectively kill the idea of some type of squeeze?

  12. MNTS is a freaking mystery... there honestly has to be some kind of fuckery going on... I know it has low volume but it can't be retail propping this up...

  13. I missed 70k in gains on CCIV for thus reason. I wanted it to be a certain number and it missed by like 50 cents

  14. Im not sure any of our price targets were realistic then ha... i know mine was originally $50... then $70... ended up selling for like $47

  15. Did you get out premarket for that $47 on DA day?

  16. After hours right when they announced DA and it immediately started plummeting

  17. Looks like Adam Jonas also gave Tesla $10 price target in 2019. Thing is $12 for Lucid is still almost $20 billion market cap. For a company that hasn't proven a thing. And they'll probably make great cars but they need to start selling cars and then their stock price can jump each quarter when they actually hit milestones.

  18. You are correct, but he gave Fisker a $40 price target

  19. Also interesting lucid projects 22 billion revenue in 2026 fisker projects 11 billion in 2026. Lucid currently at 32 billion market cap, fisker at 4 billion. So actually his price targets aren't far off of corresponding to 2026 revenue at a price to 2026 revenue of about one to one. Which also seems like fair discounting of estimated future revenue.

  20. From my understanding though fisker has never produced a car nor are they close

  21. Starting Monday I’m blocking all squeeze guessers. Have a thesis?, awesome! Trying to swing BLUW or IRNT on stocktwits rumors, bye! I love this sub, but our good (kinda trash) SPACs are the maximum amount of trash I’ll accept.

  22. Dude you have to accept that this is going to happen... money isn't being made any other way right now in SPACland, except for a VERY few. Not only that but it already looks like the squeeze meta is ending as MMs figure out the game.

  23. Took a gamble taking SPY calls in September (from my understanding nobody really knows why it is the "worst" month) but saw data that says if it is already up more than 15% on the year, it will continue to go up even in September, we'll see I guess.

  24. Cool, just remember this the next time the government uses this precedent with something you aren't okay with... because I mean, the US government NEVER makes mistakes....

  25. The US government doesn’t always make mistakes either. This is one of those times where they aren’t. Get vaccinated

  26. Maybe you didn't read my post... I am vaccinated... and yes this is a mistake and will never make it through the courts, not only that, it sets a dangerous precedent. It should have been through incentives like another stimulus check for the vaccinated... you can't essentially force something on someone when there is no accountability whatsoever if something negative happens, however small that percentage may be. It is a horrible way to govern and will almost definitely be struck down by a federal judge. If anything it's posturing to get companies to mandate vaccinations on their own.

  27. Fuck man, not to get political, but are there any SPACs specializing in COVID drugs or testing?

  28. Biden just basically handed down a federal vaccine mandate for any company with over 100 employees using the department of labor, the only "out" is weekly testing. So obviously I expect any biotech or pharma that deals with covid to pop

  29. Trimmed my MNTS puts bigly, rolling into qell calls

  30. MNTS PIPE lockup still likely to expire in the coming weeks (if they follow the 2-3 week average of S1 filing) no?

  31. Sold my VIH 12.5c right at close today. Missed the top (again) but made over 10k in profit (again) so not bad at all. Not the 150k I could of gotten for those IRNT calls this morning (🤢🤮) but how can you complain about back to back +500% profit plays? Learning still I guess.

  32. There isn't much more learning involved with this, nobody can predict the price action on these, not even the experts.

  33. I still think researching and finding when PIPE dumps can occur is a better strategy than betting on short squeezes... also if PIPE can short their shares (which is what happened with RKLB).

  34. Man I really like BlackSky but any reason outside of the recent Palantir investment that it doesn't drop like everything else?

  35. Are people more bullish than usual on SRNG (Gingo Bioworks) now that it is uplisting to the NYSE?

  36. Ah gotcha. I bought the nov calls and haven’t looked back

  37. Just curious why you decided to go that far out (i guess depends on when you bought them if it was recent) and opted for that instead of warrants

  38. As much as I agree with this, this makes me think the exact opposite will happen... prediction, it goes down to 17 or 18 very briefly and is immediately bought up, closes in the 19s... or hell in this clown ass market it will probably go up 10%

  39. LCID broke below $20 today and already down 10% in a week. like shooting a pig in a blanket. easy put money. not sure how low it will get wrestled down to, but it will bounce back hard.

  40. I have a put position... but in this market I've seen everything that should make sense go the exact opposite way... I'm cautiously optimistic and will be closing the moment I have a decent profit.

  41. Quick question if anyone knows, can PIPE investors sell in pre-market on the first day?

  42. I have this odd feeling my LCID PIPE puts are going to screw me... I almost guarantee some "news" comes tomorrow or wednesday pre-market. It's too obvious... we'll just have to see I guess... There seem to be a lot of retail wanting to get in under $20 as well...

  43. i’m waiting for 17 to get in, fingers crossed. did the PIPE selling start yet?

  44. Very cool and good work! Adding pipe date would make this even better!

  45. That would require a MASSIVE amount of research...

  46. Awesome man, but how in the heck did you get a $7500 ad credit?

  47. I’m admittedly kind of bad at understanding the SEC docs, and trying to get better. I’m reading through the VACQ/RKLB prospectus. As far as I can tell, PIPE are NOT restricted from shorting or boxing their shares, which could explain why this dumped immediately on ticker change. Can anyone confirm?

  48. I think this is exactly what happened, then retail sees the dump and it just compounds... I sold out at a loss, and will buy back in if it gets into the 8s.

  49. You’re a loser man, big fail on your puts. Without evidence of your gains I’m guaranteeing you held too long and lost. Lotta people rebought September puts

  50. bahahaha okay you fucking clown whatever you want to think

  51. This is likely exactly what happened... shorted shares right at open...

  52. Man I'd love to try my hand at the heavy redemption lotto tickets but I know as soon as I do that game will also change. By the way what number strategy are we up to now? This has to be like the 25th new game plan in the last 6 months no?

  53. It literally changes week to week now... now that we're seeing short squeezes and the premiums for PUT options are way too high... there honestly isn't a working strategy right now... you pretty much have 3 options:

  54. If by 'ad' you mean a singular creative with a copy in one ad set in one campaign, then since there is no variation, everything is plummeting.

  55. This is all new though after iOS... while of course changing up creative and what not is what you should be doing... we had a single creative run for 2 straight years bringing in phenomenal numbers... the game has changed and simply put it is much, MUCH more difficult.

  56. These posts are frequently made and many of the posts contain very little info that would allow other people, like myself, to try and help out.

  57. Dude not to be an asshole, but it's pretty clear you're on here trying to get clients... which isn't totally bad in itself... but you have to understand most people on here aren't people with 1000s in ad budgets, they are small businesses.

  58. Mods, why are you removing RKLB posts? There were some good yolos and DD posts that got removed for no reason...

  59. Rocket Lab RKLB recovering... garbage short sellers targeting deSPACs aren't going to keep this one down. It's a fucking rocket company that is quite LITERALLY going to the moon in Q4 LFG!!!!

  60. Why you say less attractive sister? I find her pretty hot.

  61. Like I said, RKLB still a complete smokeshow, but we have to be honest with ourselves... Space X is still the hotter older sister, she's just not available right now... RKLB has plenty of time to come into her own though.

  62. Just fyi if you wanna burn some shorts sellers, this is the stock to go with... in the last several months nearly every deSPAC is attacked immediately once the NAV floor drops, it doesn't matter what the fundamentals of the business are... they see the low volume, confusion on ticker change, etc. and go after it hard. I would love for some of these entities to get fucking burned.

  63. The sentiment around VACQ is scaringly similar to what this sub had about DCRC and THCB. I'll wait for the ticker change

  64. The only reason I think "this time might be different" is the ape people may get ahold of it tomorrow... it's the only the stock that actually deserves rocket emojis and it is quite literally going to the moon (like actually they have a moon mission). We'll see what happens. They've shown to be pretty good at PR, so wouldn't surprise me if they drop big news tomorrow as well.

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