1. They sell these in the steamers in konbini in Japan. Silly but delicious, it's not any less "authentic" than that famous Italian delicacy of latchkey freezers across America, the Totino's Pizza Roll

  2. That guy's showing off for the camera, it's not served like a gigantic hot dog. They chop it up with a ton of oregano, spices, onions, pickles, etc, and serve it on a split roll, it ends up being a bit like an Italian beef in consistency. Goddamn delicious. As in many cultures the offal vendors have their own area next to the meat section in the market, and in Istanbul it's easy to find by the competing kokoretsc vendors.

  3. I'm not sure "somebody somewhere may or may not have thrown away a loaf of bread" really rises to the level of this subreddit.

  4. I'm personally a fan of San Jalisco's michi, though I prefer the birria at Gallardos.

  5. Did the coast to coast back in the 80's. From Orange County, CA to Charleston SC. Desert in July.

  6. The SE was definitely worse for me than the desert, I was originally planning to hit Charleston but couldn't go on after NC.

  7. Got stop by the police 4 times. Cochise County AZ (warning), Border patrol (proof of ownership), East of Beaumont TX (proof of ownership) Someplace in LA for not having shatter proof lens in my sand sunglasses (leather down the side to keep dust out the eyes.) Had to go across the street and buy goggles cause he asked me in his southern drawl what would happen if he saw me in 30 minutes with out goggles?

  8. Stored and served probably thousands of pounds of shellfish over the years, and this is the preferred method. Although I'd keep it tidier for inventory purposes, and use a shallow perf over a deep hotel to ensure they don't get submerged in meltwater. Temperature fluctuations in reefer cabinets are enough to dramatically reduce the shelf life of seafood, ice ensures a consistent low temperature.

  9. Well it's only fun to find all the twisties if I'm actually able to do something about it once I'm there!

  10. I for one endorse Lucia Moto in SF, impeccable service from a small independent shop.

  11. I rode halfway across the USA on a 1982 Nighthawk 450. It will definitely do more than 100kph.

  12. That reminds me of an ancient post (was it on Craigslist?) from a motorcyclist in San Francisco about how crack heads were stealing his spark plugs and turning them into crack pipes.

  13. This is real. I used to carry spares back when I street parked a bike with easily accessible plugs in SF.

  14. What the seller was supposed to do is register their vehicle as "planned non operative" during that time, meaning they pay a nominal annual fee to maintain it's legal status in the CA DMV. Since it sounds like they did not do there, there is going to be an enormous amount of red tape and fees to contend with.

  15. Ha I know you! Been following your trip, you picked a rad bike and I envy the fun you must be having in the corners.

  16. That's sweet! Do you have any issues with throttle surging or cutting out with that hyper? I just picked up a 2022 Hyper SP and right from the first ride if I hold constant throttle it surges and just keeps getting worse. Curious given the miles you did, if you had the same problem.

  17. I don't think I've had what you're describing. It's a little jerky at just-on throttle which has been my experience with basically every Ducati, these bikes need to be ridden on the clutch at low speed. This was true when it was stock and somewhat so as well now with a Rexxer chip and full exhaust. I also slightly increased gearing and did a 520 conversion, together those significantly improve low throttle conditions.

  18. Well, you don't have to worry about being on the bike for too long with that tiny tank.

  19. I tend to stop every hour or so which is long before I need gas. I think I've only see the fuel light come on twice so far.

  20. Wow pretty amazing you did it on that bike without a wind protector. You must be young as that wind blasting me would get old.

  21. It certainly gets old, but I suppose I'm used to it. I like my bikes light and nimble and full fairings don't tend to go with that.

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