1. It’s actually closer to $18 based on the $15.50 base he quoted in the second part. What I’m confused about is how this guy thinks the kid is insane looking for $17/hr and rages about it in the first video but then offers him $18 in the next video.

  2. It’s always interesting when someone today zeros in on systems of racial disparity when it’s so painfully obvious that our society is drowning in systems of class disparity.

  3. And particularly silly because many people are using racial disparity as a proxy for class disparity when they could just use class disparity directly.

  4. of course he didn't literally mean that. He just meant that he doesn't buy into the whole "state your pronouns" thing and goes by what gender he/someone else is.

  5. He answered that question in the DUMBEST way possible.

  6. no, he didn't speak as precisely as he possibly could have but he certainly did enough to get the meaning across and that was perfectly reasonable.

  7. Unless he is an ogre, a dryer is still large and awkward, regardless of the build quality.

  8. It’s all relative though. Maybe he juggles industrial dryers as a lite warmup before he exercises?

  9. Must have taken some effort on his part though, why else did he have to to tie up his three dogs? I probably would have just held the dogs with one hand and placed the dryer into the truck with the other hand.

  10. And in response to this, these cops acted like his personal assistants for the next 20 min. I was embarrassed for them.

  11. So what’s your take on the definition of a woman being “an adult human female”? Female is obviously related to sex, so doesn’t that definition imply that gender and sex are related in a way?

  12. I suppose that’s a bit more in flux as the definitions of masculine and feminine seem to be as well, but on a spectrum with masculine on the one end and feminine on the other, it would be someone who identifies closer to the feminine end.

  13. the last two...see how easy that is? quick and to the point, no need to go on about how "I HAVE A VAGINA"...Ok, that's not what they asked you lol.

  14. I wonder how much of her day is spent forcing her genitals into the conversation while also thinking everyone else are the weirdos.

  15. Haha nah it’s just stupid. You can’t ask a silly question like that and not expect a silly response.

  16. Lol, about as silly as you pretending to talk about the issue of pronouns while the subtext is that you deny the existence of transgender.

  17. And that’s why they will never respect you.

  18. You know the sign is referring to adults. It infers the reader has common sense. Perhaps foolishly optimistic.

  19. “Facts don’t care about your feelings, but go ahead and overthrow a democratically elected government based on merely your feelings.”

  20. I subscribe to this sub because I find it entertaining, but I've never been on TikTok, so I have some questions.

  21. The original ends when the guy says “I don’t feel anything”. I don’t know if it was a joke or some dramatic video, but the premise is he’s not actually the father.

  22. God I wish I didn't watch this video. She literally just said that she's not a material person and then goes on to complain that the material that she received was not up to par with what she wanted. Maybe he wanted to expand her collection into gold as well as silver. Entitled is definitely the correct word here.

  23. I’m not a materialistic person; I’m just upset that the jewelry that I was given was not compromised of the specific material I find acceptable.

  24. They don’t. They also don’t need to be male, or female. I guess whoever makes them can decide.

  25. There is literally not even a remote chance that if there was proof of anything like that happening on the internet it would be possible to remove it after people had seen it. The evidence would be immediately saved by someone and widely available within minutes. These people also love to talk about “credible reports” without ever actually providing them

  26. German toasters deleted the evidence from the internet and people’s hard drives.

  27. Eh my relationship with my father is pretty rocky to this day. He eventually realized he was a massive piece of shit and said he wanted to leave everything in the past and move forward. Unfortunately you don't get to treat your family like dogshit every single day for 20 years straight and decide you want to make things right but then wonder why no one else is willing to give you another chance. His own parents already told me that they both have said he's not welcome at either of thier funerals when they die.

  28. It took him 20 years to figure it out right? Tell him you need another 20 years to think it over and then you can talk.

  29. “You wouldn’t treat a man this way!” as she transitions into poor helpless crying woman mode.

  30. Humans have experience & can pull from more than just pixels of art they have already seen.

  31. Guess the “free speech absolutist” isn’t so absolute about free speech.

  32. There’s a locally owned sports pub in the town I live in that has individual booth tvs in every booth. One night I’m there eating some wings and watching a football game and the tv just shit the bed, I notified the waitress and asked if we could move booths and carried on with my night. Got my check at the end of the night and the waitress had added the cost of a replacement tv to my check though I had done nothing to actually damage the tv. The manager on shift refused to remove the charge and blamed me. Ultimately after keeping my cool we settled with them leaving my card on file and not running it along with a copy of my license and for the gm to pull the cameras and contact me next day. I never got a call, never got a charge for the tv, and they even never charged me for my tab that night at the pub. I would imagine this guy wouldn’t handle such conversation very well and will be paying for this tv no doubt.

  33. Whoa. Glad they comped your meal in the end. It’s one thing to fuck up, it’s another not to acknowledge it.

  34. Upon second viewing I realized the TV screen already had damage.

  35. Noticed that too the second time around. I’m guessing the first one was him too and that’s why the person was already recording him.

  36. You hate how Redditors try to bring attention to other cases? That’s literally all the first comment did. Is there some cosmic law that says only one person a year can get attention?

  37. The comment you a guys are responding to merely copied an article about this guys imprisonment. They added ZERO commentary of their own. It’s really not hard. You only have to read one more comment level above.

  38. Incels cosplaying as soldiers have a problem with drag shows while failing to appreciate the irony that they too are just playing dress up.

  39. I was thinking that cosplaying as terrorists/brown shirts is a lot more dangerous than cosplaying as glamorous women.

  40. Exactly. Redittors are so quick to assume that someone who does dumb shit to make money as a young person will regret it when they get older. If this guy isn’t extremely stupid with his money then he’s going to be living a very nice lifestyle for the rest of his life at WORST. He might cringe at this in the future, but let’s be real, who wouldn’t do dumb shit for a few years to be set for the rest of your life.

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