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  1. For those voting no, honest question: Why? Like what’s the line here? Is it too unsavory? Does it cross the line for you into being entrapment somehow? Is it tempting these guys too much? I’m genuinely curious why it would be a hard no. I’m not judging just want you to “help me to understand” as Chris says.

  2. Because there’s no point. They’re not exactly struggling to get guys to show up to the sting house and sending them porn only endangers the investigation. The reason why the whole “I thought she was 18” “I thought we were doing roleplay” defenses are so laughable is because there’s literally no reason to believe they’d think that. If you start sending them porn of legal girls then all youre doing is giving them a logical defense as to why they might have thought they were talking to a legal girl and seriously jeopardize what should be a layup of a case.

  3. I knew a guy from school who’s dad got caught in a sting (not TCaP, just a regular police sting). I’m no psychologist but it happened when we were in like 8th grade and he had series anger issues when we got older so I can only imagine how being betrayed like that during his formative years must have fucked him up.

  4. If they haven’t already, an episode where vigilante pedo hunters inspired by a Chris Hansen-esque reporter get in the way of an SVU investigation would be a good episode idea. Might discourage someone wannabe pedo hunters out there.

  5. I love to suck cock, play and suck balls, play with and lick nipples, and lick and fuck ass

  6. Contact sport: noun, any sport in which physical contact between players is an accepted part of play

  7. I mean yah if would have been cooler if they cast an actual Persian actor but to be fair that isn’t the worst casting choice out there

  8. Seasoning Americans swear you need to actually wash raw meat

  9. The armor is way too busy. I think armored Batman can definitely work like Arkham Knight or Injustice 2 but this is just too much. The color scheme is good tho.

  10. It’s 100% true. I was in her class at Fairfield University (I majored in Sokology). She was really into 40 year old whiny, annoying, insufferable pricks with fauxhawks. I heard she was also into obese New England cowboys but Vinny left her on read because he’s fat and can’t do anything.

  11. My girlfriend is deployed on her 2nd tour of duty with the post office

  12. "walking human rights violation" im gonna try to use that phrase from now on lmao.

  13. Don’t forget the Mad Max inspired Aussies, the Korean gamer girl, the African warlord, and Russian strongwoman lol

  14. It KILLS me that she has zero Canadian accent or vernacular at all she sounds like she could be from New York or LA, not Canada.

  15. I can’t remember if it’s from the battlepass or a bundle but she has one voice like where she says something like “I don’t know what you’re talking aboot” and I just imagine Blizzard thinking they’re so clever for having the Canadian character say “aboot” lol

  16. how do people fall for this decoy. “k i m exsitd” “dat sounds soooo nise” like come on

  17. I always laugh when Chris says PJ/Tetradcore are “experts at portraying young teens”. Like…they’re experts are catfishing horny creeps and convincing them to come to the sting house I’ll give ‘em that but they’re not gonna be winning any academy awards with their performances.

  18. I always thought MK11 Erron kinda looked like Drew Brees so 11 for sure

  19. I don't understand whatever it is she just said

  20. Jesus Christ, a cute girl gives you a layup with the very first message and you’re on Reddit asking for help? Get off Reddit and set a date and time with her.

  21. Cons love to say shit like this while ignoring blue states and cities are far better off than red states.

  22. For real. Metrics obviously vary from list to list but the only blue state to be consistently ranked at the bottom is New Mexico (Nevada appears on a few lists too), otherwise it’s all red.

  23. As a Purdue and Colts fan, I’m regressing to my high school music phase.

  24. It’s been a rough few months for us to say the least…

  25. You fools: “it should go to an SAS operator because of the gas mask”, “it should go to Thermite because of the helmet”


  27. Honestly, even if you’re dumb enough to think he was “just average” as a player this skit alone was enough to make him the GOAT

  28. Definitely agree about Escape Artists, I think it should have been the closing track. Thematically it fits perfectly: “We left your world to build our own”

  29. Looks like lost a tooth and replaced it with a piece of Eclipse gum

  30. /uj: I am once again asking you to bring back the SuperSonics

  31. Charles Lawrence brought a porn video called “Seattle Bareback Boys” with him to the sting.

  32. Michael Lubrano. He was a huge fan of the show and would probably love the chance to take the reins. Plus, for a guy just got caught on national television and was well aware of that fact he was pretty chill about it, he’d probably be good under pressure with the other preds.

  33. Yah sex is cool but taking a piss or shit when you’ve ever since way holding it for so long is unmatched

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