AITA for not wanting strangers in the background of my wedding pics?

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  1. This probably isn't flash, hopefully they'll do somethin

  2. Hope you’re right, it’s getting really concerning. How did they go from the largest summer representation for guys last year to this?

  3. What do you mean 'how'? Have you considered that 'summer representation for guys' might not actually be that popular overall? If it was successful you'd expect to see it more often, after all.

  4. There’s nothing to consider when it was constantly increasing year by year after 2018, and both Eustace and Belial were massively popular.

  5. I’m glad seeing Charlemagne in the list. This guy is adorkable as hell, you can’t help but like his attempt in trying to do everything maximally “kakkoi!~”, even if he is supposed to be as serious as Artoria since he is a king

  6. One of the responses says almost exactly that, his charm as described by a woman in her 40s is having the cuteness of a boy while having the coolness of a knight.

  7. If this was any other game this would have signaled the boys finally getting their due.

  8. Nicely done getting these clips! IO really plays the long game with these obscure references.

  9. Technically the other way around, they toss out names and then later look back to see what can be used as targets.

  10. I'm mostly impressed by OP misgendering OOP in the title. Did you even read the story before posting it? 😂

  11. It's not Reddit without someone being misgendered despite it clearly being stated in the post.

  12. Even if it wasn't after pandemic, I wouldn't stop my activities on a public beach coz someone is getting married. She doesn't have exclusive access, end of story

  13. I wouldn't blame her too much, she's probably just too indoctrinated into the ways of her shitty family. After all she has no one to stand up for her, what is 5 against 1 going to do to anyone's mind in the long term?

  14. Mark togni from season 8 said and I quote "just ignore them (judges) Heather, that's what I do"

  15. There's no way he wasn't a plant, not with that attitude. The only other alternate explanation was that he was being pushed to his limits by producers off-camera.

  16. The more he writes the more I think that his wife leaving him and his son hating him is about more than just a DNA test.

  17. I mean he says multiple times that he treated his middle son like crap, to the point where the kid asked his mom why his dad hated him. The DNA test was just the last straw.

  18. This is very neat, a lot of suits have unique interactions from NPCs but I've never seen one where 47 himself has unique dialogue like this.

  19. This guy posted this story in like, fifteen different subreddits. It seems really clear it's a weird persona meant to appeal to a weird fetish.

  20. OOP's post history is really weird, I don't trust any of this.

  21. What's also wierd is OP defending OOP in the comments. Does anyone else think so too?

  22. They're certainly unusually invested in this, it's possible that the same person is using two accounts to promote this, as I've seen the actual OOP commenting a few times too and honestly their (horrible) writing style and vocab is practically identical that it wouldn't surprise me at all.

  23. Yodarha looks alright from what little of his face is seen (that probably helps in some way too) but the others are just so bizarre looking. But personally it's not like I ever found any of these 3 to be handsome so I could just be biased.

  24. Hopefully that wallpaper makes it in as a loading screen. And I'm not expecting anything but it would be nice if Team 7 got more styles.

  25. It is exhausting how this sub can't go one day without hating someone. If it's not Hunter or Guy then it's a woman, and that's not even going into the racism like with Sunny.

  26. Yeah but I feel like it gets less special if everyone got a special encounter like this.

  27. I’m not telling her to stop grieving (though at five years that may be a good idea). I am telling her that life is long and she may not always feel this way.

  28. Your words are neither helpful or welcome, so please stop. The pain of losing your direct family never goes away no matter how long it's been, and on top of that everyone grieves differently.

  29. Wow, I didn't think we would ever get shirtless Issac so this is a blessing, I always figured he would have nice pecs based off his original art but him being so ripped is hilarious.

  30. Despite the fact that it's completely out of character for him, I feel like at some point he's going to be tricked into having sex with Cheryl/Carol/Cristal/Carina/Cherlene/Beans/Charlotte/whatever name she's going by at that point.

  31. He wouldn't be tricked, she would be tricked into thinking that she had actually tricked him in doing it.

  32. Man Indians have no pride nor national unity whatsoever, I feel so embarrassed when I see crap like this.

  33. I definitely agree, all I wanted was to see Charles again and I got him tenfold after waiting all these years.

  34. First we got a Moriarty that's too old compared to Sherlock and now we have one who's younger than him. That's amusing, either we should get more Holmes variants in the future or we'll get a 3rd Moriarty down the line that will finally match our Holmes.

  35. Basically, if it looks cool, Charlie will do it, the stupidity of it all be damned.

  36. And he used to fight in just a swimsuit so this is honestly a bit more sensible.

  37. And yes, this time you guys get to see the nipples version.

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