1. I've found talking with other teams in my workplace as a good source of ideas. If you are a dev, and you talk to devs, it rarely brings the ideas. If you ask other teams (idk, design, sales, legal), then tend to have issues, usually automation issues, that one can start solving :)

  2. Phones are in prisons that allow them to put hits on the jury and witness. They use cell phones because calls are recorded. Find a way to jam cellphone signals in prison and you will be gold.

  3. Not a bad idea financially. I don't think this would make me happy though. I've got a bone to pick with the US prison industry. I think it's horribly designed. Don't want to support that.

  4. Why didn’t they replace it? Seems weird considering most people who post here have similar stories and it works.

  5. I think their manufacturer warranty only goes 1 year. Maybe second hand has something to do with it too. Bummer either way

  6. Probably dumb question, but how long do you expect a driver to last? My intent is not to ask a loaded question, but how many seasons are you happy with and how does this one compare?

  7. Not really sure, TBH. I guess I would hope for at least 3-5. I bought this one used (1 season of light use - it was nearly new) and then I got about 1 season of use out of it after buying before it cracked. I wouldn’t say I was putting it through the ringer, either. So kinda dissatisfied with how long this one lasted. Roughly 2 seasons of light-medium use.

  8. SaaS product focusing on zen living and personal well-being

  9. Any app developers here needing to get out of their job? I am a product manager in tech. Wanting to bootstrap a business and move on to entrepreneurship. If it is a good fit, I would love to team up with someone who has technical experience building apps, particularly ones that involve eCommerce.

  10. I'm an enterprise software engineer. Web technologies mostly. But I'm trying to do the same thing. Been browsing a lot of blogs and newsletters and such trying to find a good entrepreneurial idea/opportunity.

  11. I get that but I was seeing some programs that could take transactions from a linked bank account and automatically input them into the program. Where then all a user would have to do is assign them to which job it was purchased for. Those programs were expensive though and provided way more functions than I need. I was just wondering if anyone had experience with a simplified program with those functions.

  12. What were the expensive programs? What 3-5 features would you absolutely need in the tool?

  13. You'd be better off to start with an existing browser. Like Firefox then try to rip it apart and see if you can reassemble and extend the pieces that you want.

  14. Hell yeah. This is what I was looking for. Appreciate you taking the time!

  15. Look into web assembly, it's aiming to bring that freedom. I hear you can already use cpp for Web using Web assembly

  16. Yeah I'm definitely going to give it a try. I've heard there are lots of things you can't do and that it's currently slow for regular web stuff, but I'll try anyway. Would be great if it ends up being a 100% viable replacement for javascript development in the Browser at some point in the future.

  17. Did you get your rims painted? I'm considering doing the same, but wary of the cost...

  18. daaamn that's way cheaper than i was quoted. I'll have to shop around a bit.

  19. I'd probably start by just looking into making a web server. Most of the technologies you've listed are front end, which means that they wouldn't be running and able to send me a response if I put in "

  20. Did you install AIO after the v59.00.502 update? As in, you had to use the

  21. Worst case you apply the mods, it gets spotted come service time and the service manager gets you to sign away the warranty for the CMU and keep your mods or they factory reset the CMU and apply the latest firmware.

  22. hmmm alright. Doesn't affect the whole warranty. That would be great. My warranty is through Ally bank (not Mazda), but hopefully it's the same.

  23. Please don't use the term "selfie camera". (joking... sorry, could not resist). Moving on...

  24. front-facing? idk man. what else is it used for? lol.

  25. The star wars part is so unnecessary....the rest is very good on its own.

  26. HA! I was there that weekend. I met the guy second from the right.

  27. I'm having the same problem, except i already converted to GPE. I've unistalled and reinstalled all drivers and htc sync software. I read somewhere just now that the drivers don't work on windows 8, but I swear they were working before. They just stopped working. I'll update here if i find a solution...very frustrating.

  28. Yeah, yeah. I know. I feel like if they are gonna keep it simple though, then they should at least release that whole thing for their google now page (the swipe left one) so that someone can make the "not simple" version.

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