What are We Doing to White People?

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  1. Try a run with stubborn defiance instead. You can die on every room

  2. It's a real shame that the vaccine doesn't prevent illness or transmission. Such a tragedy. Of course, it would be even more tragic if COVID was a worse disease.

  3. Attempted murder, typical cop behavior

  4. Looks can be deceiving. From the outside I look able bodied, but on the inside I have a case of debilitating laziness.

  5. Yeah I did that for my first 100 runs or so but now I refuse to play sword

  6. I've been watching him for ten years and enjoy his common man's rhetoric and sensibility. But he is not highly educated about many topics.

  7. And you had two charges of the call to use

  8. aside from the blackface i actually love this episode

  9. Maybe it's that I watched the first 6 seasons like 20 times by the time that episode aired, but I couldn't stand all of the jokes being reused

  10. Did that girl make the argument that asian girls could fuck white people into extinction? I'm getting mixed messages here.

  11. Are these literally a bunch of red flags?

  12. I've never won with this hammer. Final boss fight hits too hard, one swing takes like 10-15 attacks to recuperate

  13. Season 15 had better writing than Season 8

  14. Randomness is what makes this game so damn repayable. You didn't get the hammers you want? Congratulations, you have a more difficult run, and winning it will be that much more satisfying

  15. Close your eyes and listen for the sound. You'll succeed 100% of the time.

  16. Wow, that's damning evidence of blackmail right there. If he paid her off, she'd never have released this "important information" about him

  17. There isn’t even mention of “important information” where are you pulling that from?

  18. Yo my opinion on this whole scandal changed multiple times in the past few days, I'm hoping the victims are compensated now

  19. Man I fundamentally disagree with this!

  20. I am not a victim of his acts, my friend is. What others decide to do or not do is up to them. I’m supporting my friend through one of the worst things that she’s had to deal with. As for him “changing his way” not sure if that’s even possible and I could care less about how he rebrands himself or whatever PR shit he pulls for “his mental health”. These women have to live their lives dealing with what he did. His history of abuse is years long. He can fuck off back to the “psych ward” that allows cell phones and lawyers.

  21. With the number of accusers, a lawsuit is much more likely to work. These women surely deserve compensation if they're telling the truth.

  22. Lawsuits involve having witnesses having to relive in detail their assault, have their medical records combed through and displayed for the court and their private lives violated even more than they already are. Lawsuits also take years, especially given how many victims there are. If at the very least this let’s him know people know who he really is, and saves other women from the fate of being assaulted. Also, by the looks of it. His legal team is doing a horrible job at making him look good and victim blaming.

  23. I just want the victims to be compensated legally. What happens to Andrew is sort of beside the point. There is a statute of limitations on cases like these so foregoing litigation could be a regrettable decision in the future.

  24. Better comparison would be Louis CK

  25. Not quite because there was a different power dynamic with him. But I appreciate the sentiment

  26. I thought most of Louis' misdeeds were carried out before he was famous, similar to Andrew

  27. This is why race based metrics are worthless. Totally ignores confounding variables

  28. Yeah I loved the eulogy. This was best episode of counterpoints yet

  29. Bruce Mathis really was banging baby dudes!

  30. I think it's reasonable to change your opinion of him based on his response to this scandal.

  31. It’s not me who decides anything. It’s a general consensus among many people, who have morals and don’t want to support people like Andrew at this specific time. Especially financially. It has a lot to do with patriarchy. You thinking Andrew is infallible no matter what is the exact issue this subreddit is having.

  32. Eh, him enjoying the show doesn’t mean he thinks Andrew is infallible.

  33. Andrew's extremely fallible, most great artists are. I don't even deny these accusations. I hope Andrew compensates the victims. And I hope the show continues.

  34. I would buy stocks that paid me 5 million dollars per year in dividends and live off that

  35. I wanted Sanders. The other democrats are all corrupt

  36. I've heard it all before, shitlib. Thanks for the terrible secretary of transportation

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