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Iranian women burning their hijabs after a 22 year-old girl was killed by the “morality police”

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  1. That actually worked out well enough after Biden implemented it. No more war in Afghanistan

  2. Counter-point: nuclear war will mean the end of Putin

  3. as far as I can tell... YES. It was never mentioned, but my damage does go up on screen and it seems to kill quicker. I don't know if its more dmg or lesser resist effecting but either way yeah... seems to be

  4. I was going to say, I thought for sure that trapsins with claws like that would socket 15 IAS / 15 All Resist gems, since historically facets never worked. Looks like that's what's in your 4th claw?

  5. I met an Iranian guy in world of warcraft back in 2005. We were friends for years. Then sanctions hit and he vanished from the server forever. Much love to my Iranian brothers. As an American I know what it's like to have a government which does far worse than what the people deserve. May you cast off your shackles of oppression and join us in gaming once again!

  6. I demand a remake where Ariel is a dude and the prince is into it but the villain is a homophobic judge or something

  7. Oh my bad not Amazon just the other two giant production studios. No big deal then I guess

  8. As a Marxist, the idea that a Republican would ever call the FBI "far too political" would be a big ol' joke to me but it's frankly worse than that. It's a slap in the face to all the socialist and communist organizers and organizations that the FBI infiltrated, broke up, destroyed, imprisoned, beat up, or murdered.

  9. The FBI has always been political, and always will be.

  10. Bro you have got to know that joining the military is a much more effective form of "soft suicide" than asking people to call you "ma'am"

  11. Rate of suicide of veterans is unbelievable though

  12. Almost 70% of Republicans are, at worst, indifferent to the presence of homosexuals in public life. What a sea change from a generation ago. This is great news.

  13. Telling people to kill themselves is r-worded

  14. 0 prowess knight lul. Clearly he should be spymaster ;)

  15. Yep, this is pretty fucking dope. GG

  16. This is certainly an AI rendering, right?

  17. Automatic1111 local install

  18. What's SD upscale? Also, what's negative prompt?

  19. I get your point but this is no different than a African American voting for the kkk.

  20. Republicans support gay marriage by a 10 point margin these days. It could be much better but damn, liberals should take a victory lap. People's personal decisions about who to love is slowly, mercifully, leaving the culture war.

  21. Unfortunately it’s not. It’s getting much worse. Our queer kids are under far worse attacks now than several years ago. They’re inflaming the culture wars with even more vicious attacks. I get what you’re saying, but we are not in a time of progress. Conservatives are desperately trying to drag us back down. They wish it were the 80s right now, or even worse, the 50s.

  22. Back in the 80s, even democrats opposed gay marriage

  23. This is partially the correct answer. Also, it wouldn't be a surprise that Getty's ML team has a classifier for such a task. Honestly, it's more surprising that people here almost unanimously believe that works outputted by generative models aren't differentiable as fake.

  24. Could this be avoided by printing it out and taking a photograph of it?

  25. Buy SPY on a monthly basis and don't check your account for 30 years.

  26. Yes, in order to save democracy, if any of these people get the most votes in their elections, they should be prevented from attaining the office.

  27. It was invented by stupefied illiterate desert goat herders to placate their fear of death

  28. Universal basic income or none at all

  29. How about a pilot program that shows it can work, so the average person can see how much tax money is saved when a homeless person doesn’t need to go to the ER, and gets decent food, so can live a healthier life, and can get a job because a phone and clean clothes are a possibility?

  30. This pilot program will not work, which will doom it in the long run. Woe be it to the people who barely won't qualify for assistance: the new bottom. The only way to make this work is to have everyone benefit from it. This will ensure majority support, which is vital to the longevity of any policy in a democratic state.

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