1. A lot of misinformation in this post(former insurance agent)

  2. If your not in any special programs and there isn't peak pay and it isn't busy, there are lots of good deliveries but you never see any. There is never any hidden tip because any such delivery would not get passed down to you. Every single offer has something wrong with it. If it gets passed along to you there is reason for it. The only way to still do this is work 80+ hours a week minimum and cherry pick your ass off but get top dasher during last 5:days. They say it's not meant for full-time work but that's the only way it's profitable. And guess what, if your top dasher and also have access to congregated tip data you make a killing. That's why you never get a good tip. They pick first and see the tip. If there is a good one they take it. Then you have the multi accounters and multi appers, large order program, the list goes on and on Peeps sticking it in you at every angle

  3. These are blatant lies but go ahead and carry on with your bullshit.

  4. 3.50/mile is no good? As a customer I thought that was good mileage.

  5. On a $/mile basis, yes. But Dashers also have to look at the overall payout. Why would I take a $3.50 order for 1 mile when $6-$8 orders for the same distance are available?

  6. Can we stop the presentism bullshit already.

  7. You people have been duped. Completely and utterly scammed by DD.

  8. I’m guessing you haven’t even attempted to experiment yourself?

  9. I’m not an idiot like you. “$2.50 for 1 mile is just dandy, Daddy Tony. Please keep feeding me more.”

  10. Looks like it was a $5 Wendy’s/Popeyes stack based on the $2 base pay lmao

  11. They had us in the first half, I’m not gonna lie.

  12. My strategy changes depending on the time of day, day of the week, etc. For example, during the week in the AM, I get a steady stream of $6-$8 orders never going more than 2 miles delivering to businesses. But, on Saturday and Sunday, those orders don’t exist. That’s when I park near Starbucks and Dunkin’ and take a steady steam of the same type of orders but going to homes. I think the important thing is to know your zone’s ebbs and flows and to be flexible within a common sense strategy.

  13. 250k….ugh…no. 2.5 million? I would probably plug my nose and try to find the little turtle.

  14. I wouldn’t last in prison. And I’d kill myself if I turned into another Lorne. So I propose that I don’t try to diddle kids/teens.

  15. Robert Lyons because he’s immortal. That shit is genetic, dawg

  16. I think people confuse poor and broke. Very few Dashers are poor but quite a few are broke.

  17. Who in the fuck cares about any of these ratings? You’ve been gamified, my dude. This isn’t corporate America where you get an additional 1% raise if your year end review is a 5 instead of a 4.

  18. If they are sending good orders based on acceptance rate, and offering to give you a free acceptance rate reset based on your customer rating, why wouldn't you take it? Worst case you get more orders and have to decline a bit more, but still get access to more chances.

  19. At least for two weeks, right? There’s no harm in trying it as long as you dint change your existing strategy.

  20. My understanding is that you are reevaluated after two weeks. You’d have to be at 50% or higher to remain in the “high” paying program.

  21. They sent me the offer to reset my acceptance rate this morning. Had to laugh when they said the $2/mile includes peak pay if it’s active. So you’re telling me that if there’s $2 peak pay+2.75?base+0 tip and it’s 2 miles, that’s considered a high paying order? DoorDash has jokes.

  22. Hey, Lorne, what’s the credit limit on your new credit card?

  23. I don’t make any assumptions when I accept an order. Hidden tips start at $6.75 here but I’m not taking that order if it doesn’t make sense based on the info presented. Sure, sometimes it’s pretty obvious when the tip will be bigger but I’ve also been surprised when it ended up being the original 6.75 amount.

  24. You realize the customer rating is largely nothing but an ego boost, right?

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