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  1. no. the suits they wear during EVAs are very different from these ones here. They provide life support systems including heating and cooling systems, water supply and so forth. They are fully pressurized and are basically mini spacecrafts. the suits in this picture are worn during launch and decent. They are not autonomous. Instead they need to be plugged into the life support systems of the capsule the astronauts ride on. Once out of the capsule these suits don’t help against the cold. So when you land in kazakhstan around this time of the year and it’s only 4 degrees celsius, you may want to have a blanket.

  2. the article also states that the police hadn’t used that vehicle since march. The whole things looks like a druggy overdid it, looked for a place to rest and never woke up.

  3. dissing them. plus we have one guy who enjoys trolling the community.

  4. just one guy having some fun pushing buttons by posting nonsense. nice chuckles.

  5. Me too. Im off to find the ice wall at the end of the earth, if I don’t return it’s because the authorities have killed me to maintain the secret.

  6. bring fish to distract nasa’s combat penguins.

  7. that happens when you elect lawmakers whose key concerns are gun and abortion laws topped with election audits. you’re falling behind.

  8. Yes i think we are i dont know for real, but i think we are in work to make something about ourself some kind of program if i am not mistaken!

  9. well that would be awesome! i think you’d be the first of former yugoslavia to launch an autonomous program. your mom would love it!

  10. Albania is sendinf 2 satelites on space, i just saw the news Edi Rama Pm of Albania anounced! Look it up on Google: Edi Rama sending 2 Satelites on space!

  11. oh nice! thank you! i wasn’t aware of this. will definitely look it up 👍🏽

  12. ah, the good ol’ random flerf argument generator :)

  13. I don't think it's particularly random, I think bits are carefully crafted and the randomness is guided or selected. Pretty funny when someone gets hooked though. Quality trolling.

  14. yeah it’s good fun. usually, the name of the university and the professorial chair give it away.

  15. it’s not even an argument. with various hollywood productions in mind: if it was cgi it would look perfect, not fake.

  16. also, why can you see the stars behind the sun…

  17. what about the time when antarctica was free of ice? what was the container then?

  18. actually a valid point. the globe is a myth like santa. nickolas da myra was a greek bishop who lived around the year 200. he was famous for supporting the needy. he gave assets of the church away by making gifts to people who had nothing. he allegedly even cut his red bishop robe in half, so a beggar could use it as a blanket. the pope sainted him post-mortem, so he became saint nickolas, or santa claus. the guy was very real, my dude.

  19. hehe! that guy is hilarious. still not sure if he’s trolling or that retarded.

  20. Aren't those pictures representations made by artists ?

  21. it’s astrophotography. the picture of the horsehead nebula was taken by a photographer named mike hankey. this is his description taken from the site where i found the picture:

  22. impressive. now do it to fight off a hellfire air to ground missile launched from a reaper drone 7km up in the sky.

  23. Or tomahawk missile launched from literally Japan

  24. equally curious to see how it would work out 👍🏽

  25. in “behind the curve” mark sargent showed an actual flerf dating site. i recently checked. it’s offline. just like the website of the “international flerf conference “. this shit really is dead.

  26. … as if they aimed to reach an orbit around a spherical body.

  27. this is too damn funny while it should be sad.

  28. It’s a rather mediocre movie. No comparison to the other Craig Bonds. I don’t feel like watching it again.

  29. they should use police force to inspect that jacket

  30. how can a woman remove a condom without the guy realising?

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