1. @fitterhappierAJ on Twitter has been saying this for a year now

  2. He has indeed and it’s only now that he’s finally getting others acknowledging … pretty terrifying when you think about what things might look like 10 years from now and also gives a lot of context to why China has taken the approach they have …

  3. Somewhere deep in government there are people currently running numbers for DALYs an QALYs. Scotland here -

  4. Cam you test the nose wire with a magnet please ? - to see if it is steel not aluminum.

  5. A wide UK gov acceptance that covid is airborne would be good. And an admission that all the evidence existed in March 2020 to support that too, despite what the WHO was saying at the time. UK shoulda spun up domestic FFP2 lines at the earliest opportunity.

  6. Pretty sure “policy makers” cannot do anything in the United States to increase mask wearing. That ship has sailed. Free high quality masks are widely available to those who choose to wear them, that’s all our government can do.

  7. Has tv adverting of higher standard respirators been tried?

  8. Reverse the air flow or burn an incense stick or both. Idiot doesn’t understand that Corsi and Rosenthal are engineers too

  9. “Dysautonomia refers to a group of medical conditions caused by problems with the autonomic nervous system (ANS). This part of your nervous system controls involuntary body functions like your heartbeat, breathing and digestion.”

  10. The article didn’t feature a picture of the 3D mask they made. At least, not on mobile it didn’t.

  11. Nations should have mobilized sewing machines for three months while domestic PPE production was set up

  12. Sorry you're dealing with this. It will take time to test positive if you've contracted covid. It's not certain that you will.

  13. Facebook advertised me a 16TB SSD for $140 … Zuck is looking forward to his next appearance in Congress. Maybe he can use some of this nose rub stuff.

  14. From the start I’ve worn a mask to protect me more than protect others

  15. At least one PhD thinks no herd immunity will ever build up -

  16. Dirty surfaces, droplets or airborne?

  17. The headline makes a very bold and damming statement about the CDC but the article doesn’t provide any evidence that CDC guidance is due to the org being “beholden to corporations”. The authors disagree with current guidance -fair enough. To claim that the public health agency is intentionally putting people at risk for the sake of (what exactly? Kick-backs from corporations? The article doesn’t specify, just makes a couple vague accusations) is a pretty big deal.

  18. What doing instead? Probably promoting airborne nature of transmission the talking up N95 and ventilation changes to protect people.

  19. Shanghai will lock down each half of the city in turns to conduct a mass testing blitz to combat a Covid-19 outbreak that’s become China’s biggest virus hot spot.

  20. Shenzhen is down to single-digit cases. Can Shanghai do it too?

  21. How long was Shenzhen locked down?

  22. Seven days, though one district went longer

  23. Lab report for "After 20 washes" shows a breathing resistance change. There's no report for particle filtration effectiveness after 20 washes.

  24. that hospitals would take off a patient's respirator mask and replace it with a surgical mask is mindboggling to read. And that the CDC changed their recommendation about that just recently is crazy. This simulation has gone nuts.

  25. There are decent alliances of experts still claiming that covid19 is NOT primarily transmitted via airborne/aerosol mechanisms.

  26. Then if it isn't transmitted airborne, there's not much other things it can do. Fomites and Fecal oral is IIRC the other mechanisms of transmission, but those are much much less of a driver of spread. NZ only found two fomite transmission cases back when it was contact tracing, and most 1st world countries have good enough hygiene to eliminate fecal-oral transmission.

  27. Droplets / fomites much less - fully agree

  28. Has an insert that is melt blown Polypropylene consumable?

  29. This report is Guangdong (shenzhen province) and not Shanghai.

  30. My bad, meant to reply to the “looks like even China starting to give up .. ” comment

  31. Strangely, article doesn't mention, airborne, aerosol, N95, KN95, mask or respirator.

  32. Airlines don’t have to pay for the medical costs of people infected while on their planes - of course they want to trash masks. They don’t have to pay for the lost earnings (lifetime) for long covid sufferers. Nor the lost tax revenue for the nation/states for the same group

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