1. Ok, so let's say there was some signal that she actively consented to it. Possible. How do you know OP did not consent to her being with anyone else? They might've had a conversation and already gave it the OK beforehand. Or maybe they're not even monogamous.

  2. No, I'm not saying that either. In fact, OP did actually say that he enjoyed it, but SHE didn't know that. I really don't understand why you're misreading my comments so much.

  3. I don't think I'm misinterpreting you, nor you misinterpreting me. I think it's an ambiguous situation we're just hearing one side to.

  4. Ernest Timmons also died from not taking heart meds I believe . It was his was of committing suicide so that his family wouldn’t be expempt from his will if he committed actual suicide

  5. Suicide exempts family from the will? That seems unfair to me.

  6. Why can't I open spoilers on here anymore tf, the comment just collapses.

  7. Are you on the mobile app? Happened to me too. Desktop version unaffected.

  8. Eh, the episcopals always seemed pretty chill and non creepy when my parents went. Very LGBT accepting too.

  9. And Edison gets a ton of hate despite also being a ridiculously prolific inventor that we now take for granted

  10. Being a good inventor does not make someone less of a dick. And in some sense it makes his piggybacking/taking credit for others' ideas even less excusable.

  11. The idea being how the massacre started from people who were invited in and treated as guests.

  12. The army that did the massacre were 'quartered' with the clan.

  13. Micheal Foucault would have been a good one if he were alive…

  14. Are you talking about Michel Foucault? There's no indication he did anything with someone who wasn't an adult.

  15. For those who aren’t aware, the account comes from Guy Sorman. A close friend of Foucault’s at the time.

  16. I didn't know about this. What I'd read about Foucault's sexuality was that he was active in the gay community of SF with presumably adults... It seems these allegations are only being more widely known recently. The article claims they were known in Tunisia for a long time. Horrifying. I do believe it.

  17. This thread will likely get deleted. A rule of the board is not mention of things before 18.

  18. I'm confused as to why that would apply here? I see a concern here about an adult by an adult.

  19. Because it is the rule of the board so that the board does not get shut down. I see that he edited the post so that it no longer lists info pre 18 which makes it so it won't be deleted now.

  20. OK I didn't see the earlier version of the post so I guess I can't comment.

  21. He was quoting someone when he said that... (someone else involved in the case?). Felt weird.

  22. If you would ever go out in public and not stay in your room all day you'd know that restaurants almost always have an alcoholic drinks menu + some restaurants even factor in alcohol as a major profit area

  23. True but there's a difference between serving drinks and allowing patrons to become extremely intoxicated.

  24. How do you know the age of the amber? I don't know much about it.

  25. This particular piece of amber (aka burmite in this case) is from the Hukawng valley in Northern Myanmar (Burma) and is dated to around 98 million years old due to the age of the surrounding layer of rock/soil it was found in.

  26. That's really cool. I'd say this sub can't help you as the scientists here mostly study living bugs. This might be a better one to address to an archeologist or really archaeo-entomologist (or paleo-entomologist), who studies insects from that period. You might send inquires to the entomology or paleontology departments at your local universities.

  27. I had a patient kinda like this a couple years ago. 70ish year old woman, torched her body by smoking 200,000+ cigarettes in her lifetime, hemiplegic from prior stroke, still smoked. Chief complaint of thirst, minor headache. I gave fluids, she felt better, no new Neuro deficit, went home. Very nice lady. Came back 8 hours later mostly dead with a large brain bleed. If I had gotten a head CT then I may have caught it and saved her life (albeit she’d still be severely disabled and probably even more so after a hemorrhagic stroke)

  28. How do you recommend getting rid of them and other roaches in the area? Spraying and boric acid tablets ain’t cutting it.

  29. The bait traps work really well if they've nested in the home, they eat the poison food and don't die right away so they bring it back to the nest. This poisons several generations. Advion is recommended here but I got rid of an oriental roach problem with combat max bait traps.

  30. Tackling Donald Morrison was definitely uncalled for lol. Funny, but a bit much.

  31. What physical threat did Donald Morrison pose? Probably not a great threat.

  32. That would be easier to believe Xi, if it didn’t show up here.

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