1. I don't understand drag, they end up looking like shit anyway and honestly feels like an offensive parody of LGBTQ people. Probably don't do story time readings unless the parents decide I guess? Idfk can people stop fighting the culture war and focus on the fact that the population has been manipulated by the rich and powerful for years?

  2. I don't even understand the point of drag queen story time. Why are people all of a sudden saying that drag queens specifically need to read to the children? I saw a drag queen once when I was probably around 6 or 7, I was incredibly confused

  3. They don't need to. There isn't any harm or wrong though so any discussion about banning it or any parent that is concerned about it is just wrong.

  4. While I'm certainly not for rushing to ban it either, parents do have the right to be concerned or, at the very least, ask questions. Drag is strongly associated with sexualized performances and adult clubs and though it is possible to have a drag queen read to a group of kids in a family friendly environment, the association is certainly questionable to a lot of parents

  5. I wouldn't be surprised given how obsessed these unhinged people are with him

  6. Christ, the way the decoy types should be a turn off alone. Imagine talking this way to your lover and they're just like "wow that's nise"

  7. The not knowing what a clit is part certainly checks out, but this guy is too well spoken to be Lorne

  8. Do they just not "switch" outside of their house? Or do they carry those wigs around in a backpack with them at all times

  9. You need to bring the marriage contract with you

  10. Even if this wouldn't work and is a waste of a card, the aesthetic is pretty cool. I made some jewelry like this out of electronics that are beyond saving

  11. Some people can develop psychosis/schizophrenia even after trying acid once

  12. No. Chris is not self aware and he is very naive. He probably thought he was more attractive than liquid chris

  13. Sloth is up there for sure, top two. But I'd say lust because he put such a high importance on getting a boyfriend free girl and getting laid. And lust is what ultimately ended his truest and most honest friendship as well as getting him arrested

  14. Doesn't matter if it's straight or gay, claiming little kids have gfs/bfs is really weird. Can they not just be friends?

  15. The thing is, the libs force sexuality on kids all the time. Some people even going to the extent to claim certain child characters are gay because they have a close friendship and we rightly call them out on it. It is really weird to associate a little kid with any sort of sexuality. Though I agree this isn't going as far as to sexualize children and it's ironic that they would have a problem with this, but probably wouldn't if it were 2 little boys. There has to be some moral consistency

  16. I'm not a fan of this sub or the type of commies it tends to attract, but if you're working an office job, it really does feel like forever because often times you don't even have 8 hours of work to do. Especially if you're just in the beginning of your career, it's a lot of waiting for work to come in. That's why working from home is nice. You can at least do some housework in your downtime

  17. ++i dont get your text. You are friends with him 5 years but you sure sound ok dropping him as a friend. Hmmm

  18. Trust me, if you keep these kind of friends like I did, the awkwardness does not go away. I had many a friend like this but the worst one was so unhealthy attached to me for 6 years. He would always ask to join whatever game I was in on discord even if I was in a server he wasn't on, he would freak out if I didn't reply to his texts within like an hour, he kept calling me cute and he would ask me inappropriate questions all the time. Things got especially awkward and unhinged when I got a boyfriend 2 years ago. I wouldn't even do some of the stuff this friend did to me to said boyfriend either, but some guys will never take no for an answer

  19. Me might need to block u for a while to lose his feelings. Sounds like he lowk may not ever be able to be friends again. But 5 yrs is a lot to throw away. If his feelings were a recent development, id say give him space for a few months. If hes been in love w u for more than half that 5 yrs, id say its over.

  20. And it also depends how they act afterwards. I've been asked out by guy friends maybe once and I declined, and it never came up after that, they never flirted with me. Indicating it was probably only a mild crush at best.

  21. I think historical periods will just get more compounded, or some get completely forgotten about as they aren't considered important

  22. I think they are legitimately confused between having different sides to your personality and having separate personalities.

  23. I think you'd look really good with blonde hair. Your skin and eyes have a certain tone that would make it look natural.

  24. As someone who really put dream theater on a high pedestal and considered them my favorite, same. Sometimes (but not often) DT strings too many different chords together and it can sound a bit random, but haken can usually make it more cohesive somehow. I agree that haken are quirkier too in some ways, but they don't overdo some of the technical stuff like DT.

  25. They can cope all they want but the recent studies show that employers actually agree with her. Too bad making fun of her appearance on the internet isn't gonna change anyone's mind

  26. I'd argue that the difference between these lifestyles is just having social skills. A guy with good social skills will likely relate to the girl in this memes lifestyle a lot more than a girl with poor social skills

  27. either an SJ activity or an INFP activity no in between

  28. I would enjoy a weekend picking berries. I have a best friend who I'm pretty sure is an ESTJ, maybe an ENTJ and I was the one begging to go to the blueberry field when we passed it

  29. Nice! I enjoy activities like that too. They give me a chance to think whilst occupied with a tranquil activity.

  30. The sensation of being out in the sunshine and enjoying the natural world is really appealing. And baking cookies is awesome. Stuff us NPs only dream about doing (but never get around to it cause we are too busy making memes or something)

  31. Well some people can go on to have healthy relationships with their ex because they can acknowledge they are still good friends but not suitable life partners

  32. I think this is an ok thing unless one of you is now dating someone else. To me it's just sort of weird that you're committed to someone, yet you still hang out with a person who liked you enough and you liked them enough to date and be intimate with. I couldn't date someone who is friends with their ex unless them and the ex were good friends before, briefly dated, and just decided it wouldn't work

  33. When they e'fd in the bedroom you know he must have done some filthy dirty kinky stuff to her. I wonder if the whole "witch" thing means she's a nagging wife OR it's some kink shit?

  34. I don't know her, but based on the fact she thought all of this is a joke suggests they have a very playful relationship. So that's why I doubt she was a nagging wife. Probably just something he told the decoy to justify his cheating

  35. Any woman past the age of 20 is probably a "witch" to him

  36. INTP here. Probably the lack of motivation and understanding what I want and feel.

  37. Yes. I can identify if I feel unhappy, but I can't identify what I want in life to fix it

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