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  1. Wauw, fed destination! Håber du får et smaddergodt år!

  2. Hvis du har brug for at snakke om et eller andet så bare DM mig :)

  3. I burned out in my fourth semester, now I'm on a sick leave to heal from stress and I'm halfway through diagnosis. I really hope it can give some clarity, since it feels like I barely know how I function.

  4. Fuck you rips out your engine block

  5. Holy topology of cosmology, it's a black hole!

  6. Is it possible that I can use the telescope to spy on the people of earth ?

  7. It cannot point at the earth as it cannot point towards the sun

  8. Som tilflytter i Vejgaard har min lokale pizzamand bedt mig om en Vejgaard-dollar i stedet for en 50'er. Good shit.

  9. Do you have any idea how absolutely massive these screens are?

  10. I'm sat here imagining all the kinds of wrong this could go. So many gashes. So many bones.

  11. Thanks to Reddit I now know the name of the pyramid with a building I visited 5 years ago

  12. Are there supposed to be connecting lines or something? This just looks like word vomit to me.

  13. If you scroll down to the bottom there's this blurb of text:

  14. Jeg er transkønnet - har vidst det i ca. 2 år og har været på hormonbehandling i snart 1 år.

  15. Tak for svaret. Jeg ønsker dig alt mulig held og lykke på din rejse 😊

  16. Can't believe I missed his return to Denmark

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