1. There is a real issue in the world where a person who knows nothing about a subject and then assumes that it is easy.

  2. I feel like it's based on people's perception of how much they understand about something, like someone wrote an essay in school so get confused when a professional writer takes years to write a book. Or the opposite can also be the case, where you can be an experienced chemist for example and people will treat your work like you're performing witchcraft because they don't understand how it goes from one to the other. The bigger the difference between percieved knowledge and actual knowledge the bigger the effect.

  3. Had mirror shield interact like this the other day, tho it was to my advantage as the enemy pa blinked me out of a chain stun combo, we both sorta stood there confused for a sec before beating the shit out of each other.

  4. This is not a script, you can see him precast with the aghs to ground target it.

  5. Essentially it boils down to, experience is an arbitrary meter and if you're changing exp from RAW cos it's long grindy and boring then you're already leveling up when the dm feels like it's a good place if they're keeping track. The only difference is you have a number telling you that you're close to progressing that the dm has to keep track of. Though I do agree that some milestone DMs take it in the opposite direction of letting the party stagnate because they "haven't done anything significant enough" which is problematic that's more on the DM not keeping track of their own game and not giving significance to smaller events.

  6. Sand king, get blink and eules, when you teamfight and have sandstorm/epi up it still murders after you self eules, can get a lot of kills every teamfight

  7. Actually pretty good, the double wave can usually solokill any supp even that late cos of the dispels. it dewards any non cliff wards and can split push, it also gives some pretty good stats

  8. He's also getting firrst phased a huge amount because that was what teams did in groups and it worked(58% winrate on a first phase hero is just insane for a core), now i think we'll just see him move to later in the draft and winrate will increase accordingly as teams are drafting and playing around him better.

  9. So let's think back to Stormwind. Tons of quest/combo decks, everyone complained: solitaire hearthstone, no interaction.

  10. Yeah maybe i phrased some of that poorly, The reason i talked about Theotar is that it's the first form of hand disruption that mirrors other card games in that it can reliably target the right card every time. Mutanus and dirty rat can be hedged against and so i didn't really consider them in the same sort of league.

  11. I thought this was the joke tbh but seeing the reactions of others ig they took it more seriously.

  12. BSJ did an entire series where he smurfed in various skill brackets in different roles to show how to win the game in them. Very contraversial but informative.

  13. Power runes are fun, mix up the game and create an important objective early in the game that people are incentivised to rotate for breaking up the laning stage faster and making each game more interesting. Also getting the right rune at the right time feels incredibly rewarding.

  14. It's pretty weird tbh shadow dance is supposed to make you undetectable by any means and the ult works but depth shroud doesn't and is a very specific interaction. Probably intentional but does not work how you would expect. Also probably the reason that shadow dance doesn't make you untargetable like shadow realm even though mechanically it is exactly the same.

  15. Void spirit, is the classic hero that plays similarly to league heroes, he feels pretty similar to fizz in playstyle imo. Juggernaut or legion commander might be something similar to fiora i'd say? Troll warlord is a stance dancer like kayn but i'd say that's where similarities stop. i don't think theres anything exactly like ezreal tbh but clinkz might be close. Ember spirit or kunkka might be the closest thing to yone i can think of, theres no really good equivilant tho.

  16. Nohing that hasn't been said but i just tend to mute as soon as i'm getting annoyed cos even if they're not getting to me i know i'll play worse if i'm feeling off. Gl playing in future and may you find a stack that is cool to play with.

  17. Huskar didn't even build bkb vs viper who hard counters him, if you're managing to lose to this huskar it's kinda on you.

  18. The one point i disagree with is using different chat lines on kill, for the most tilt the same line shoud be effectively utilised again and again. Other lines can be used for different events but if the goal is to tilt the enemies making them hear the same thing every time they die is a true tilter.

  19. I recognise a couple of the designs inspirations, 4th is based on Ne zha, and 7th is based on zhong kui, both chinese deities, very cool takes on them, i dunno about the rest tho would love to know if anyone does.

  20. To me it sounds like the dm had researched the spell and then gotten what their job was completely wrong. Their job is to choose what creatures are summoned when you choose what sort of cr they have. That part is DM discretion and it's up to them if they want to let you choose what is summoned but that sort of spell gets pretty insane down the line if it's done like that and nowhere in the spell does it say the player chooses what is spawned. However letting you choose then doing dumb shit with them is definatly not what the spell is supposed to do. Sounds like something to talk to them about.

  21. I definatly agree on the point that you have to play so well to compensate for good neutral items that it basically becomes impossible. Ballista and flickr are the biggest offenders imo, the others are very strong sure but ballista makes any melee carry irrelevant if theres a decent ranged carrier for the ballista on the enemy team. and flickr invalidates a number of heroes special mention to silencer, it's cd needs to be increased by a large amount, considering it's a combat blink wth a dispel.

  22. I have a setting with Dragon demi-gods that are sort of continential protectors. All other true dragons are a part of their sorta exended family and have factions of their own but seperate from all the other races of each continent. Part of the caveat is that they are also prideful enough of their own strength that unless some ancient evil or an actual god is decending onto the continent they sorta see it as beneath them to interfere. So they spend most of their time just sleeping and growing in power naturally.

  23. So first of all, usually moon druids hit a massive powerspike at level 2 anyway, this is just something inherent with the archetype similar to barbarians at level 1. That's not what i would say though mainly, the key thing is that you and your players are having fun and from experience straight up taking something away from a player like forcing a change to it usually isn't fun.

  24. Is it just me or does the dad look like the teachy tv guy from the gen 1 remakes?

  25. The problem is the buoyancy depends on displacement of water. For example, if I took a sheet of aluminum foil and made a little boat out of it, it would float. If I then took that boat and mashed it into a little ball, it would sink.

  26. My take is that it's dnd so you can flavour it however you want when you're the DM, say that the rod origionally could hold up the entire boat but due to you deactivating it after such a long time it was damaged and could no longer support the same weight(or some other thematically appropriate reason). It then even gives them a potential quest line to get the rod investigated to see if it can be repaired.

  27. Id say personally Legion commander is really good for 1 vs 1s with a headstart Razor with a level advantage is disgusting right now you just press W and walk near them if they're lower level they die those 2 are very strong, if the game goes late remember aura items are pretty bad and hard cc items are insanely good(scythe of vyse,abyssal blade etc) honestly with an 8 minute level advantage it'd be hard to lose as long as you don't throw pushing high ground. Oh yeah and carry some sort of detection around if you're friend gets shadow blade or is a stealth character. This would be easier if you knew which character they were going because there are a lot of hard counter characters. If you want a character that plays similarly to a league style character id reccomend void spirit lastly if your friend is a meepo player this could be a bit rough so ban it if possible gl hf :]

  28. I dunno about everyone else but I'd rather play in a toxic group where everyone is proficient and knows their role and flames whenever someone makes a mistake than be in a group with nice guys who have no idea what they're doing

  29. Eh to clarify the grp was p low level, it took a while for the grp to get it down but we were doing just fine by the end some folk are still learning the game and for me it's more fun if the group is chill and bad but can learn than is good but toxic after all once they learn they can do it again and you'll have made some friends. I ended up getting some bis gear that run and we didn;t wipe at all our second run until bael who the group was a bit low lvl for. Now i would trust pretty much everyone in that group to do arena runs or key quest runs just fine.

  30. Oh shit what up gristy, it's Hitanbot that run was the best worst run of my life but i had a lotta fun. Great playing with you :] -tho what happened to noone speaks of this run ever?

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