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  1. Can I come back to post that after I'm out? This is a HOSTILE situation and I don't wanna risk anything at least til were clear.

  2. You should definitely do this, when you feel safe.

  3. There used to be one in the Mexican War Streets but I think the house was sold and the owners tore it up. It was on a back alley but it’s gone.

  4. The server had to walk the card over to scan it not sure why they wouldn't just ask the customer what they meant.

  5. Not sure what you mean? In this case the card has been ran and the server dropped the receipt off for the customer to sign. It’s likely the customer was long gone before the server even saw this.

  6. That’s the top tier, about ten foot drop I would say, easily enough to break legs and worse, not to mention damage to property. What an absolute clown.

  7. If it’s the third floor of TopGolf it’s probably closer to 25-30 feet, at least.

  8. At least we know this kid isn’t smart enough to come up with this on his own. Same sign has been circulating the internet for years (different kid).

  9. But isn’t it worse that he repeated something that other people have already gotten dragged over the coals for? Like presumably he found it, saw the blowback, and then said “meh, seems funny”? Nah.

  10. Fair. Leads back to the kid not being very smart. Or imitating behavior he learned elsewhere.

  11. Just when I thought this sub couldn’t get any worse….

  12. Is that just a mistake? Seems like a pretty big error.

  13. Who cares how much Uber is making?? Stop worrying about how much someone else is making.. that’s envy!! Only care how much you make!!! It’s not your money! It’s the customers money!! Mind your own business!! Wtf!! Now this ?? 🤦🏻

  14. Not sure why this is getting downvoted. Uber can take whatever money they want. Just like how any business can pay an hourly rate of whatever they want. If you don’t like it, DO NOT DO IT. It’s as simple as that. If you interviewed for a job and the offer was lower than you’d like, you wouldn’t take it. Pretty simple.

  15. Not a nerve at all. Just blatantly ignorant and asinine. The trolliest of trolls.

  16. Goodbye my lover- James blunt. Hits all the right feels if you’re in that state of mind.

  17. yeah i roasted the corn first, cut off the cob then transferred to the blender. while it was spinning added hot heavy cream/garlic butter mix

  18. Did you run it through a strainer or something? Or did the kernel “skin” just manage to get all puree’d in it? Lol

  19. Uber only keeps track of hours with passengers onboard for tax purposes.

  20. I feel like I read somewhere that the city are the ones giving out the tents.

  21. Markup doesn’t go to Uber. Goes to the restaurant. But they do the markup to help offset the portion that Uber/DoorDash/Grubhub/Postmates takes from them.

  22. Depends on the server, but in my recent experiences at Lorelei, most do not tell you. I accidentally added an extra 20% to my check the first two times. It is on the check (as another poster mentioned), but you have to look for it.

  23. Not sure when you were at Lorelei last, but gratuity is not added to the check there.

  24. Considering American health care and the amount of people who would get alcohol poisoning from drinking this…I’d say a LOT.

  25. Upside down without shoulder bars! That’s insane.

  26. Well, then I guess it'll be the latter. Actually there very well could be kids if they've been the F4 for a long time and just nobody knows about them (again, which would be very strange)

  27. Or it’s just not an origin story but before they have kids.

  28. I like to think we’ll see Stark tower sold to Mr. Gryphon - a Kang variant who owns Qeng Enterprises - which is something that happened in the comics. Qeng Enterprises has already been hinted at in the MCU (there’s something in the Void in Loki that says it). I think Mr. Gryphon and Qeng Enterprises would be a great stand-in for Oscorp in Spider-Man 4, with Peter getting an internship there and ultimately confronting this Kang variant, leading into Secret Wars. Could also bring back Vision there as Mr. Gryphon once kidnapped vision and made him work for him in the comics. Oscorp doesn’t exist in the MCU, so it could be Qeng instead.

  29. While that would be pretty cool, I seriously doubt that marvel would send one of its key villains to sony for a Spider-Man movie. Only chance that spider and any Kant variant meet is in an Avengers movie I think.

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