1. I put lotion all over and I haven't noticed any spread because of it. My dermatologist told me to moisturize because molluscum thrives on dry skin

  2. 40M, same diagnosis. 10403 plan I’m following has: Block 1: 4wks; Block 2: 8wks; Block 3: 6wks; Block 4: 8wks; Block 5: 12wks x 13cycles = 3yrs …plus buffer weeks in between blocks for blood levels to recover

  3. That’s what I’m on too but my doctor was saying we can have a discussion once I reach the 2 year remMission mark about dropping my protocol and ending earlier idk I’ll need more Info but I would be lit to be done a year earlier

  4. I did 2.5 years in my protocol. I reached remission after the first month, but it was still standard to do 2.5 years total. I was 33 (F) when diagnosed. I believe the standard for males would have been 3.5 years. I was on a pediatric protocol.

  5. And was that 2.5 years total? Or 2.5 years of maintenance? So like was it 1 year of full treatments and 1.5 maintenance?

  6. Hmm, I'm not sure. Mine stopped spreading when I started using bandaids. Have you tried liquid bandaid? I found that was easier to use than regular bandaids.

  7. I have tried liquid bandaid but it got kinda stuck in my hair. I had some cryo done in my groin area and because the spot rubs against my inner leg I went to cover them. Been putting bandaids on for a few days and a few of the spots were on the sticky part. There seem to be a few new spots in the area. Not sure if they’re from the bandaid or just spots the derm missed. Ugh looks like another visit coming soon lol

  8. Yeah, that happened to me also. I tried to trim as best I could. It's definitely not a fun area to mess around with lol it's possible that new spots popped up as an immune response to the other spots having the cryo done. Usually when you treat the spots, more will pop up as your body recognizes the virus. It's very annoying lol good luck!

  9. That makes sense, thanks for the insight I appreciate it! I will probably keep them covered a few more days and then see what happens

  10. The simplest solution - if it's possible for your vertical try enabling the advanced matching. :)

  11. Thank you!! I will give that a shot. Will it just count purchases as double or does it affect the ads performance?

  12. How exactly do you test audiences on the ad level?

  13. Segmetrics is the cheapest good one you can get right now. We use Wicked on one business and Segmetrics on our new smaller business.

  14. Does segmetrics use existing info from my current campaign. Like can I set it up today and start seeing info from previous days, or will it only show me from the time I set it up and then moving on?

  15. How did you set the utm if you can't know what audience converted?

  16. I have multiple adsets but I copied the same ad creatives into each using existing post that way social proof would all be together. My utm is telling me that it was “ad 1” for example I just don’t know what audience. Is there a better way to use utm parameters?

  17. Honestly I haven’t shaved once and wouldn’t while I still have this skin virus nor do I think I ever will again. For me, I’ve used scizzors to trim but where I try not to touch the skin at all. I haven’t done that in a while and kind of let everything run wild down there. As dermatologist can obviously point out what’s what.

  18. Okay that makes sense. And I feel that, I first had a few spots on my stomach a full year ago but just thought it was an ingrown hair or pimple. Finally went to derm a few months later when it wouldn’t go away. They froze the 3 spots, then a few weeks later I had a cluster of 8 pop up on my arm. Then after freezing those off, a few weeks later I noticed some really tiny bumps on my groin. Still not sure if they are MC but I’m just being super safe. It’s really frustrating though how they keep popping up in random spots. I’ve read it can take 1-2 years to fully go away

  19. When they trained me how to administer 6mp to my kid, the RN there told me that 6mp causes cancer in usually healthy people, therefore i need to use gloves and proceed with caution. When i asked her then what about my kid? She said that the rest of the cocktail he takes (vincristine & metrotrexate) balance things out. She also said they've been using these for the last 60 years and have a good understanding how to maintain the equilibrium. When I'm doubt, talk with your care team. I find their competence reassuring.

  20. Interesting I’ve never heard that before but I totally understand that taking all these meds is necessary

  21. I do this all the time with literally everything. It's exhausting and I understand it stems from my intense general anxiety disorder. It's super hard to bring myself out of a spiral induced by Dr. Google. Dr. Google is a bad doctor though.

  22. Thank you for taking the time to write all this! You’re the best :) I will be talking to my team about all this soon

  23. Just my personal data point of 1, but I didn’t experience any outsized abdominal pain with my vincristine.

  24. Hmm okay thanks for the response. Mine seems to happen right after my monthly infusion and subsides about a week after. No other side effects though and I have tolerated everything really well so far

  25. I’ve been using Hibiclens for a couple months now in my pubic area and my shaft. I’m now experience some pretty bad irritation on my shaft and sack. Really dry skin. I would try to avoid using it on the genitals, just use some regular soap

  26. Okay thanks! So you have any tips for preventing spreading down there. The bandaids irritate my skin and I feel like from moving around and sweating that I let will spread down there. I’ve been super careful and have been changing underwear and towels often

  27. Containing the spread is so hard because of the incubation period of these damn things. If you notice a new spot today, the spread that caused it could have been from weeks ago. I’m still testing out liquid bandage on a couple spots to see how it affects my skin but it’s looking promising and could be a great solution to covering the spots which will prevent spreading, especially while sweating. I’m no liquid bandage expert but it keeps the spots pretty well covered and dry. Has to help right? Lol

  28. Awesome thanks I just started using liquid bandage this week as well. Not sure how I feel about it yet definitely seems to be covering the spots but almost looks sort of waxy and still confused on how to remove it lol. I’m just trying to everything I can to contain it until I can see a derm

  29. I didn't use Nair, but only because in the past it's burned my skin. I did use a trimmer around the spots, very carefully, which I also disinfected with iodine before and after use. That helped keep the hair short enough. The liquid bandage was a game changer for me. Completely stopped the spread.

  30. Did you just apply the liquid bandage to the entire area?

  31. I did more of a spot treatment with it. First I'd clean the spot with iodine, then put zymaderm on it and then cover each individual spot with the liquid bandage. If two spots were really close together I'd just cover them together. The liquid bandage stays in place really well, I felt like it suffocated the spots and really helped them heal as well as stopping the spread. I put it on after every shower, and would leave it until the next shower. I'd peek the liquid bandage off before the shower, because it's waterproof so it doesn't come off in the shower.

  32. Great thanks for the help! Did you use Hibiclens or something like that in the shower. I know it says not to use on genitals, but wasnt sure if the pubic area above would be okay to use on?

  33. Should I stick to manual Cpc with higher bid, or do the option that says maximize conversions?

  34. Definitely tell them. I had some on the base of my penis as well and the dermatologist wanted to see it. If the doctor is female, they will make sure to have another person in the room just for safety precautions

  35. Thanks for the quick reply. Do you have any idea how easily it can spread. How careful should I be? And is it contagious just from touching it?

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