Beyond the Wool – The Smoking Gun and How the DTCC May Have Narrowly Avoided a Tactical Nuke ( all credit to u/Daddy_Silverback )

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  1. So… very smooth question coming up: Let’s say at some point retail DRSed the whole float (not only free float but literally every share officially issued) - would GameStop then be able to say, backed by a shareholder vote maybe, „yeah we don’t want those shares to go back into DTC, we want to trade them on GMERICA instead“?

  2. Fox News is fake but other media focuses on drama? Can’t you just say the truth? They’re all phony n have an agenda they spread?

  3. If you are in Canada look into the Spartan locker. Same concept. I run one in my bronco front end and it works flawlessly. Just makes a lot of noise when hubs are locked. It’s completely normal thou.

  4. My family received PCS orders to JBER this summer so we took the Alaska highway up, starting in Minnesota where we visited some family and friends prior to the trip.

  5. I've driven the Alcan pushing ten times now and I've never needed a spare - but I ALWAYS have one, two if possible.

  6. Unfortunately our spare went on after we lost the previous tire, which then took out the wheel that it was on too. I was glad to have a 2nd spare

  7. Well, you don't have to worry about being on the bike for too long with that tiny tank.

  8. Article 5 is for defense. Attack on one is an attack on all. However, the U.S. can easily curb stomp the Russian army by itself. They might declare war on the U.S. to give them an excuse to invade Lithuania, but that would be incredibly stupid since they would sign their death warrant.

  9. Amber apparently used artificial insemination against Elons approval

  10. Oh and Popcorn also decided to dump in AH at the exact same time as GME? But the CFO being fired is being fired from GME, not Popcorn, right? WHAT a coincidence!

  11. Ok cool. We are bringing back Poptard into Superstonk.

  12. Meh, they just weren't on my list since a year ago. Haven't updated my watch list since DRSing everything. But found it was ironic popcorn popped nearly the same amount.

  13. Too much green today. Couldn't handle it all. I caved under all the pressure of possible imminent MOASS tomorrow.

  14. Why not go 4BT? I guess you guys giving the thumbs down don’t know about the after market support for the 4BT lol

  15. Only if it were 100% aluminum. Fuckers' too heavy for what you get out of it.

  16. Depending on the type of preschool you want there are some that are daycare/preschool related and others that are school focused. We have a lot more preschool daycare combos though then anything else. One of my favorite ones it Touch of Home. They have school based curriculum with you providing snacks everyday. Also uses HiMama an app that sends updates about the daycare and photos of each kiddo etc.

  17. That's nice! I had the Britewheel app for my daughter's last daycare. Very cool to stay in touch and see what they're doing all day.

  18. As the saying goes, "You know you're in Wasilla when you let your 12 year old smoke at the dinner table............... In front of her child"

  19. Someone with a lifted pickup is out there right now thinking "Challenge accepted"

  20. I'm going to go out on a limb and say no; someone who can fabricate and weld probably wouldn't start a post like this.

  21. I feel ya! The heat was unreal. About 110F all the way across Kansas.

  22. Was the same last summer too. Had my wife's XJ on the trailer, headed to CO for a good weekend of 4x4'ing. Stopped for fuel somewhere on the NE/CO border to find a family in a minivan broke down from overheating, headed to Denver. Took the XJ off the trailer, put the minivan on my trailer, and drove both the truck+trailer and XJ to Denver. It was 108 that whole day. XJ did great on the drive too, despite being a brand new rebuild and it's 1st real wheeling trip in 4 years.

  23. was going to say when my belt looked like that it was the harmonic balancer, it moved forward half an inch, put on the new belt and it tossed it right off.

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