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  1. That's a lot of money, down time, and effort for not a whole lot of extra strength in my opinion. There are easier ways to make the D30 exceed the strength of that G2 axle up through a 36" tire, and same with the D35 (and especially the Chry8.25).

  2. I am thinking of looking it over. Not sure what to check besides leaks or play (loose) in parts.

  3. It was the last part in my wife's 174xxx mile XJ we replaced, and in hindsight that's what we should have started with. The steering box wasn't leaking nor showing signs of slop in the driveway, but after we put a GoPro under the bumper looking at the pitman arm it was clear while driving around the neighborhood that any bumps in the road moved the steering without the driver feeling it in the wheel.

  4. Never owned an XJ newer than '98 worth working on.... but is this a CAD disconnect diaphragm vacuum hose or something?

  5. I bet you hate it next week. Source : did the same thing

  6. I set the aux fan temp threshold to come on at 215 instead of factory's 220+ (can't remember exactly). I wanted the engine to at least have the option to reach above water's boiling point before kicking on additional airflow.

  7. Factory fan kicks on at 216*

  8. Year, model, or region differences maybe? I recall accessing the factory tune in my 98 XJ and it was above 220.

  9. Because Anchorage was built in a swamp. Many crawlspaces are below the water table.

  10. Crawlspaces are by far the best to have for running your gas, electric, hvac, etc. I don’t know why you wouldn’t want a crawl space.

  11. My neighborhood GCI fella has been putting in long hours at night fixing this exact issue. It has something to do with the major line recently installed.

  12. Juice aint worth the squeeze is the gist of it. There's a Jeep stroker forum full of threads with similar experiences after building their stroker saying the blood, sweat, tears, money and time spent wasn't worth it.

  13. 1v4 + cruiser and luthen styled on all of them in the span of like 10 seconds

  14. Fix p0743 code for tcc solenoid. I was told by the trans shop the wires are corroded so I need pig tails


  16. Deadpool in theaters, first time i saw it i couldn't stop crying with laughter.

  17. It's 2 hoses, 3 bolts, and 1 pitman arm. pull it and replace with a unit that's not worn out. no need to open the box up and replace a seal. just replace it with another steering box. your future death wobble will thank you.

  18. It already has a death wobble and isn't worth the time or effort to swap the box

  19. I’d watch it but I don’t want it. I have the game, the show could never meet expectations. Give me a show about the old Reublic in general and I’m down.

  20. Right on, and the fact that each time we break north of the channel we halt and are immediately swatted down is incredibly bullish too. We’re testing those limits

  21. I want to know how we can trigger the halt AND break through it, vs getting slammed down.

  22. Same way we did in January 21, with overwhelming buy pressure

  23. Sounds like we need something worthwhile to rally around as individual investors.

  24. .270 gets the job done with a well placed shot.

  25. Good steering components. I've watched that drag link steering bar fold in half under the stress of 35s wedged against a rock.

  26. good to know, just trying to figure out what the most crucial part would be to upgrade first. thinking of doing a steering brace as well. and yes, it definitely needs re-geared.

  27. Honestly, a fresh steering gear box is usually everyone's last or nearly last replacement part, but it made a world of difference in steering tightness and control over death wobble in my wife's XJ on 35s. I'd start there, install a good steering cooler in front of the clutch fan. Since the drag link has to come off for that, address your pitman arm, and decide which drag link to bolt on given your knuckle choice.

  28. How would you know there are whales stuck under the ice in need of a breathing hole in that exact area?

  29. Have you looked into getting her a referral for speech therapy from your PCP?

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