1. Please someone tell us it's a photoshop, I want to go to sleep soon

  2. NTA you're at a concert you're allowed to stand. Shoulda turned around and told her to get her ass up, TA-DDOW!!!

  3. I have similar reoccurring dreams that I'm back in my childhood home and can't escape. Or I'm desperately trying to escape one of the assembly halls i was forced to go to with my family for religious services and even though I am familiar with the lay out of the buildings they morph and trap me and more often than not end up having to confront, usually violently, one or both parents.

  4. Doesn't that hurt him? Ugh, like a stranger picking off your scab. I'd bite based on principle.

  5. Except nobody is named n*****. Smh just like a karen. Trying to invalidate actual racial slurs

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