1. If you have a limited collection and want a competitive deck, Patriot for sure. If you want fun memes then it’s Wong. One caveat which I believe another poster already mentioned. You Def want to have Mystique.

  2. That is funny. Might just be based on books in the graphic novel section is sorted. I’ve worked in a library and bookstores where sorting varies by section and subsection. Where I work, graphic novels are sorted by title so I place all copies of Sandman under S as well as the related titles like Death.

  3. In this case it was straight up in the fiction section, no graphic novels nearby. Pretty perfect mistake though, haha.

  4. Ah, confirmation of what we suspected all along: Neil is the Sandman

  5. OR, does Neil have The Sandman locked in his basement and he is forced to write epic novels and short stories?

  6. Nooooooooooo!!!!! Why! Why?!? Why do you do this to us!!?

  7. Currently in my climb to 100, sitting at 98 for a few days. I have only seen 2 thanos and 4 shiri in the last 30 games. It’s been mostly patriot, sera and discard.

  8. Might just be most Shuri players already hit 100 and are now playing other decks. This has been my experience. Also, the nerf hit Thanos decently hard, but same logic could be applied to that deck.

  9. Yikesssss you bled some serious cubes. 90s can be frustrating but man, you must have tilted hard to lose that many cubes.

  10. This isn't mtg, there's not much surprise tuning to do. The game isn't nearly deep enough for people to "understand their decks in detail", in my opinion. Not to mention most cards kinda just suck. I don't even think that's a bad thing, either. If this game competed with mtg or LoR for my time and/or brainpower I would rarely play it. But this is the perfect game to play on the toilet that gives me very little incentive to spend money on it.

  11. It’s been a few years since I played magic but in my day the typical deck played 15-20 lands leaving somewhere between 40-45 other card slots. Most of the time those other slots were made up of sets of 4 copies of each card (obviously some outliers exist). If we take 45/4 we get just over 11 unique cards….. pretty close to another game. It seems like so much more but honestly it’s not. Yah maybe the inclusion of side boards adds a little complexity, but honest MTG is often worst in “forcing your hand” then even Marvel Snap because of the deeper deck (I.e multiple copies, lands, etc.) often limiting what you can do or straight up screwing you over completely

  12. As mentioned above, there are nerfs incoming that will impact either Shuri or her surrounding pieces. Either way you should wait to see what happens. Not the worst thing to just keep her pinned and then make a decision when you have complete information.

  13. Go into your support messages, you probably have an unread message.

  14. Thanos is way more fun and both COULD be nerf targets. I don’t think they would ever nerf Thanos into oblivion though, so I think even if it’s adjusted it will remain competitive. Galactus is also good but a much more linear play pattern. Having taken thanos to infinite this last season, after getting Shuri, I definitely think Thanos is the better way to go- both short term and long term. Shuri is probably one month from pool 3 as well.

  15. They are updating the boost each time you hit a new tier from 10 free cubes to 50. This will do a lot to speed up the climb to infinite (as long as someone is actually net negative cubes when they hit the new tier).

  16. Yah , I did it with Thanos. It’s a huge grind no matter the deck because even played well your losing 40% of your games. All about minimizing the big cube losses.

  17. having him activate only once per turn would absolutely kill the archetype for me

  18. Agreed, it would not be competitive. The problem isn’t lockjaw it’s the stones/quinjet/and the combined interactions of the on-reveals plus replacement.

  19. It's pretty difficult to nerf the stones without killing them. If they don't draw it kills the deck, and most of the effects can't be changed all that much

  20. Yah I agree it’s tough, you could make it so it has to be in play in order to make the move. Obviously that isn’t a mechanic that exists right now, but the most busted part is dropping it into lockjaw having it go away and still getting to make the move. Then potentially using it AGAIN the same game.

  21. Personally I just got Kang to show up in my token shop and I'm not sure I wouldn't rather one of the other two.

  22. Just FYI, Thanos is more than a bit competitive. At the moment it’s one of the best two decks in the game (between that and Shuri). Just took it to infinite. I also think it’s more fun that Galactus. It will probably be facing an adjustment soon though. Those two decks make up 50%+ of the Meta above rank 80.

  23. People like you are saints. Stuck in the 90s and never made it to infinite before. I wish more people out there were like yourself. It’s what I want to do if I hit infinite.

  24. Yah, unfortunately once you lose a few you start getting many more bots. Might be why you don’t see as many of us.

  25. I am currently in hell at rank 97. I'll keep a lookout.

  26. Oh man, I was there last night! Just don’t get impatient and stay in games you shouldn’t. I hit 99.9 3 times and lost until I finally broke through the 4th time there, lol. Was some kinda curse as soon as I got 1 cube away, NGL I just about threw my phone a couple times.

  27. It is a thing, I’ve handed out a good number of free cubes. I think what happens though is once you hand out too many you start playing lower ranked people and more bots.

  28. But then you win against one or two and you’re back to it.

  29. Maybe I don’t understand what you meant. Did you mean no one is handing out free cubes?

  30. Sometimes my hand is trash and its a semi bluff.

  31. If your hand is trash on turn 6 that would not be a semi-bluff. A semi bluff is characterized by a losing hand, but with drawing outs. For example a flush draw that’s in a losing position but can bluff the turn w/ a chance at hitting the flush on the river. In this case that would be synonymous with snapping turn 5 in a bad position but knowing that if you pull that one perfect draw on 6 you can still win.

  32. Honestly I wouldn’t purchase either of these at this point, they are both good cards but not meta defining. That being said If you are going to get one it depends alot on what you want to play. Bast is probably strongest in Mr Negative decks and Darkhawk is a strong piece in a deck with rockslide, Korg, and Black Widow.

  33. I wish I got a more powerful pool 5 card.

  34. Be glad you got any, most of us around 3k CL have gotten none :).

  35. Shuri wouldn't be 15 power for 5 energy because you have to use energy on t6 to play Red Skull and 30 power on one location want win the game.

  36. Your talking about the worst case scenario where you miss your ramp (and it’s still 17 If we are trying to be accurate). It still pulls off massive power spikes when you hit your turn 3 ramp. Right now the power she puts out is way to easy to achieve at 4 energy. The high side is 30+ power for 4 energy.

  37. Would make the card unplayable. There's no chance that happens.

  38. Requiring ramp like so many other weaker decks already do makes the strongest card in the game unplayable? Having to pay 5 energy for 15 power makes the card unplayable? Please explain!

  39. Cl 4700 started 20, maybe ill see more when i reach 70+

  40. 80 plus is SHURI everywhere, it’s oppressive. At lower ranks you probably don’t see a ton of it because it’s so easy to rapidly climb against inferior decks with it. Anyone who started there quickly leaves.

  41. Im considering buying her but I think ill get thanos first

  42. I’m fairly confident she will get nerfed, which is why I’m passing for a big bad as well.

  43. Better to pull him as a P5 card than waste your pity timer on him as a P4 like I did

  44. Yep, people complaining about getting him series 5, it doesn’t actually hurt you at all. I pulled him 4 as well, sigh.

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