1. CBS All Access hasn't existed in months. It was replaced and folded into Paramount+, which has a much better selection, but has the most unstable apps I've ever seen.

  2. I just googled streaming services like a dork but I guess it not being around alone anymore kinda underlines that nobody was watching it 😅🤦

  3. Funny. He gets angier and angier every rewatch for me. And I kinda end up liking him more.

  4. Excellent observation. I love how some music is better with the seasons. Goes the same with TV shows, books, and more I'm sure.

  5. Your face looks like an ugly skeleton. Well except for that snoz. That's got a pound or two of extra flesh on it.

  6. Sure some people are douches who judge and aren't wishing the best for others but I think some people discussing value in the specific post you mentioned. They're saying it's not that the person really never could have got driving lessons, the person chose other things (like tattoos) instead. That's of course fine, it's your money and you should spend it as you like. Have "nice" things. It sounds like they are saying (and this is being generous to the good ones) that driving lessons would have been a better investment. Greater options with the ability to drive, perhaps better paying job or more time to work instead of traveling otherwise and that would mean overall more money to buy further things like tattoos still. Am I missing something? I'm just saying, as you are asking to be assessed in the most favorable and rational light, perhaps try that with this criticisms or indications of logic. Not all discussion of value is a criticism of your value system necessarily. It can just be a discussion of value.

  7. I don't prescribe to other's authority to define how and when I'm allowed to identify as someone who attempts to understand, navigate, and think critically about truths and aspects of existence.

  8. If you're here to help, there is no need to admonish. Explain what you know, ask constructive questions and advise caution.

  9. Your eyes look like they're transitioning into a yin and yang symbol.

  10. A wandering mind, adhd, a hearing problem, boredom, lack of focus, fear of assertion by having to ask for clarification or repetition? Just throwing out some possible connotations.

  11. If they didn't know that "boosters" were gonna be "necessary", what else don't they know?

  12. That "plate" is one thing you should feel good about. Best of luck moving forward.

  13. I thought it was funny for that reason. Its funny that someone so great looks and behaveslike Jabba the Hutt now. I don't think great actors are gods, and it's ok to poke fun at them. Tom Cruise may be a great actor too but it's very very possible to find things worth poking fun at with him.

  14. It's weird to gab about someones weight at all. I'm not saying good actors are beyond reproach. I'm saying you sound like a teenage girl who lacks substance.

  15. I'm sorry if that bothered you. Sometimes I get caught up and I love the feeling of jokes in bad taste.

  16. Oh no denying care would mean denying all healthcare, only depriotisiing ICU care when its full. Texas is doing this right now. Its ethical to do so as it tries to get the best outcomes possible for all patients. We do it nearly all the time.

  17. Cailenbelmont said let them all die and you said you wish you could. That doesn't look good. It could call into question your care. Legally, I'm saying that's a problematic statement.

  18. Wish we could. But our duty of care stops that sadly. We still have to care for stupid people. Which is why its ethical to refuse them an ICU bed when its full of cancer patients who really need them.

  19. Might want to delete this comment where in the thread you mention you're a surgical nurse and then go on to say you wish you could deny care to and allow to die unvaccinated patients. You probably don't want people knowing you feel that way.

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